Do you hate paying legal fees?

Published 15 May 2019 by Gordon Law


Amazingly, 2019 is nearly half over. Hopefully, your profits have exceeded your budget for the first half of the year. One of the hardest things to budget is the cost of litigation. Below, you will read how if you are proactive, you can mitigate such costs.


I wrote recently about the importance of bringing your lawyer into your business decisions early and often (please see the article HERE ). I have also previously written about how to measure “reasonable” attorney’s fees (please see the article HERE ). Balancing the need for your lawyer and the costs of your lawyer is a calculation a smart business has to do on each occasion. Generally, the highest fees are incurred in litigation. Thus, another reason for you to avoid litigation. To read more about reducing your legal fees, please read HERE 


The 2019 Nevada Legislature is coming to a close. Please check the BLOG PAGE on my website to read upcoming articles about some of the legislation that will affect your business. I am so grateful for those of you who trust me with your business.

I am also so grateful for the trust you show by referring others to me. As a lawyer, that is the greatest compliment I can receive. Thank you!