Dispute Resolution After Brexit? Colman Coyle Newsletter

Published 16 May 2019 by Colman Coyle

Dear all,

We have recently put together a couple of headline articles which caught our attention over the past few months at Colman Coyle. 

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Dispute Resolution After Brexit

The dispute resolution mechanism in the UK will change after Brexit. There are different potential outcomes, which depend on whether the UK will leave the EU without a deal or the Withdrawal Agreement will get ratified by the UK government.


Expert witnesses: Take care when providing a report to the court or you could end up in prison

The Court of Appeal has recently considered the question of the appropriate sanction for an expert witness who signs a statement of truth for a Court report which was false.


Colman Coyle and the IR Disputes Group

IR Global has produced a brochure which provides helpful information about the work of the disputes group.


Mental Capacity and Social Media

A recent judgement of the Court of Protection has set out the legal test for capacity for the use of the internet and social media.


It’s that time of year…

As you are aware, every year there are new Employment Tribunal compensation rates which apply from the 6th of April each year (The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2019).


Home Buying Reservation Agreements to be tested this year

The Government has stated that it wishes to trial reservation agreements this year and it is developing a standard reservation agreement to reduce the number of failed property transactions.