Dezan Shira & Associates Expands its Reach in the EU with Riccardo Benussi

Alberto VettorettiManaging Partner, Dezan Shira & Associates

Riccardo Benussi will lead Dezan Shira & Associates’ business development efforts in the European Union (EU) from his new base in Munich, Germany. From this location and in his new capacity, Dezan Shira & Associates, a leading foreign direct investment professional services firm in Asia, will be able to expand its reach, address client needs, and reinforce partnerships in the EU. 

Previously Deputy Regional Manager in Shanghai, Riccardo brings almost a decade of experience in Asia to his new role in supporting companies understand the Asian FDI market and how to set up and operate across the region. Born in Munich, he is also fluent in Italian, German, Spanish and English, and spent several years studying Chinese. “Travelling to Asia since 2005 and stationed in Shanghai for eight years has equipped me with first-hand experiences in serving foreign businesses in their plans for expansion into Asia”, he says. 

“The cases I have both led directly and observed, have provided me a robust outlook on how SMEs operate at home and abroad. I will use those experiences and our knowledge as a firm to bridge the gap for European businesses; making what can be complex situations, less complicated.”

Representing more than 40% of Dezan Shira & Associates’ client base, the EU is a significant market for the firm. Based in Central Europe, Riccardo will be able to leverage all the advantages proximity offers to cultivate strategic partners, be available for on-site meetings, and serve as a key contact person to solve challenges in time zone differences.

“I look forward to serving as our firm’s outpost in the EU from the heart of Europe. I am already at work creating valuable and long-term relationships with both new investors and existing clients alike, and supporting our EU partners’ and their clients with lean decision-making for the complex business environment in Asia”, says Riccardo.

Interested in investing in Vietnam or have a question about your established operations? Contact Riccardo here.

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