For our clients it is important, by adapting to economic conditions, to manage an economic crisis and to assess the current situation in order to continue commercial life positively by being provided the necessary analysis after consultation. Although each case is unique and needs an original solution and individual features are of critical importance in terms of debt management and emergency funding during times of crisis, the following solutions are generalized;

  • Foreseeing terms related to debt management, peace agreements,
  • Management of the collection of current receivables is primarily based on the financial situation of these receivables and payables,
  • Commercial Enterprise Pledge
  • Bank Finance and supplying Credit through Credit Institutions.
  • Commercial Business Cycle,
  • Taking on debt, bond contracts preparation,
  • Arranging the transactions of cash, personal objects, and payments,
  • Payment or debt financing on reasonable terms and conditions of the current project
    proper partnership could provide,
  • Make the preparations for and create patents and copyrights,
  • Consulting for ongoing cases of Liquidation and Bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Concordats,
  • Via IIK m. 317, based on the scope of the borrower’s exceptional circumstances demanding respite and holiday.
  • Debt restructuring by consensus in accordance with IIK m. 309