Daily Matters, a podcast from Clio: Episode 88

Nefra-Ann MacdonaldAffinity Program Manager, Clio

Episode 88: Ken White, Partner at Brown White & Osborn LLP and Writer at Popehat.com

First Amendment litigator, criminal defense attorney, writer, and podcast host Ken White has a wealth of knowledge and perspective about some of today’s most pressing issues, including freedom of speech, the justice system, and American historical precedent.
In this timely and topical episode, Ken and Jack Newton discuss:
  • Whether social media platforms have a responsibility to crack down on misinformation and hate speech
  • Ken’s thoughts on high levels of public distrust towards news media outlets
  • Ken’s take on the protests and law enforcement response in Portland
  • Why the Justice Department’s recent actions are alarming from a legal perspective
  • How to reconcile a love for America with frank recognition of longstanding issues in American society

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