Cyber security threats and security compliance?! 

Let’s face it.  Who likes to keep up with cyber security threats and security compliance?!  That’s why we created OnCall Cyber, an ever-ready Cyber Crisis Team retained annually which can also handle all your cyber security needs.  

According to one study, 51% of small and medium enterprises lack the capability to meet the growing threat.  Meanwhile, adoption of cyber insurance has tapered as premiums get pricey and carriers emplace higher insurability requirements.  The Cyber Crisis Team approach helps a customer become more cyber ready and can assist with qualifying for coverage.  Ordinarily, an incident response is a condition of insurability – OnCall Cyber delivers an incident response plan with every subscription. 

OnCall Cyber is also available to IR Global members to help grow their own cyber practice or add to the firm’s capability.  For example, the referral network of service providers for the Cyber Crisis Team is actively growing.   To learn more, contact Doug DePeppe at eosedge Legal, a trusted partner of IR Global.