Cyber Security Best Practices for Law Firms

Nefra-Ann MacdonaldAffinity Program Manager, Clio

Written by 

To hackers and cybercriminals, law firms represent high-value targets. Trade secrets, intellectual property, merger and acquisition details, personal information, and other privileged data are all examples of valuable information cybercriminals would love to get their hands on.

Consequently, data security should be a top priority for any law firm. As a legal practitioner, you’ve seen or read about the risks firsthand—Over 190 Law Firms Affected by Advanced Data Leak That Exposed Over 10,000 Legal DocumentsLaw Firms Targeted by ‘Hackers for Hire’GDPR: Top UK Law Firm Falling Victim to Human Error—and understand the importance of maintaining public and client trust in your firm. But where do you start?

To help answer this question, we have compiled a list of security best practices—provided in part by a panel of experts during our latest Innovate Legal Online Meetup: The Importance of Cyber Security in our “New Normal”. We’ll also touch on your legal and ethical obligations, review the benefits of leveraging cloud-based legal technology, and provide some additional resources you can use to enhance security at your firm.

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