Creating a strong brand identity

When promoting your organisation, each business has its own goals. Some businesses’ main ambition will be to sell a product and others it may be promoting engagement with their service offering. Whatever goals your business has, it is important to establish a brand identity that your audience can relate to.

Many famous brands have established a strong identity, which is why we know and trust them.

Before looking at building or enhancing your brand, it is important to firstly look at who you are as a business, what you do, and the ethics that drive your business. Understanding your business’ personality makes it a lot easier to create a brand identity that reflects this.

  • Brand & familiarity – If you see the famous yellow “M”, you automatically think of McDonalds without even seeing the name. This is not just because it is such a popular takeaway choice, but because they have developed a strong association between their brand and their products. Familiarity with your brand builds trust with your potential customers. This is achieved with a careful blend of a good product or service, and branding that accurately reflects this.
  • Colours – Your brand colours reflect your brand’s personality. Your colours will say a lot about your business. In Professional Services, many business colours will be darker, such as black and blue, as this portrays a more professional impression to potential clients, whereas clothes stores, for example, may choose brighter, exciting colours to appeal to their customers and stand out from their high street competitors. However, the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive! Regardless of your industry, standing out from the crowd can be a great talking point and effective brand strategy.
  • Fonts – Choosing and implementing a specific font for your business allows you to bring consistency to your communications. This means your potential clients can recognise your communications more easily, building a further sense of familiarity. The fonts you choose can also give off different impressions regarding the tone you are trying to create in your communications, which is a huge part of your brand identity.
  • Visuals – The type of imagery you use is also extremely important in creating a strong, familiar and consistent brand. Your choice of visuals should retain a certain level of consistency across your communications and channels. Whether this is choosing similar styled imagery or adding branding to your images, it is important to create strong visuals that match your brand’s personality.

Brands are constantly changing and updating to stay relevant to their customer base. It is important to review your brand and ensure you are doing all you can to create a sense of consistency and familiarity for your potential customers and clients.  This investment will pay off long term as your recognition grows.

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