COVID-19 Pandemic: Update on Indonesia Visa Issuance and Residency Permit Policies

Marshall SitumorangFounder and Partner, Nusantara Legal Partnership

In response to the current spreading of COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian government has officially prohibited all foreign visits and transits to Indonesian territory effectively from 2 April 2020. This approach is taken by the government to minimize potential transmission of the coronavirus from foreign citizens who have traveled abroad.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires all stakeholders to be quickly adapted to the fluid circumstances. Hence, we strongly advise all clients to pay close attention to the newly enacted policies related to immigration and visa issuance, especially for the businesses that currently employ foreign workers.  

Legal Frameworks: Our below executive summary refers to the Minister of Law and Human Rights (“MoLHR”) Regulation No. 11 of 2020 on Temporary Prohibition of Foreign Citizens to Enter the Territory of Republic of Indonesia (“MoLHR Regulation 11/2020”) which comes to force on 2 April 2020.

Note: Please be advised that the MoLHR Regulation 11/20 has revoked the previously enacted regulations as follows:

  1. MoLHR Regulation No. 7 of 2020 on  the Granting of Visas and Residential Permits in Order to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreaks; and
  2. MoLHR Regulation No. 8 of 2020 on the Temporary Suspension of Visa Exemptions and Visa on Arrival and the Granting of Emergency Residency Permits.

Main Keys on the Indonesia Visa Issuance and Immigration-related Issues: We have managed to provide you the following main keys on the Indonesia visa issuance and other immigration-related issues in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Temporary prohibition for foreign citizens to enter or transit in Indonesia territory: We note that all foreign citizens from any nationalities are prohibited to enter or transit in Indonesia. The provision exemptions apply for the following parties:

  1. Holders of Indonesia Limited and Permanent Residency Permits;
  2. Holders of Diplomatic or Work-Service Visas and Residency Permits;
  3. Personnel who provides medical and logistical aid, or works on nationally strategic projects; and
  4. Conveyances crew (Art. 3 (1) of MoLHR Regulation 11/20)

Requirements to enter Indonesian territory: Further, prior to entering Indonesian territory, all foreigners must fulfill the following requirements (Art. 3 (2) of MoLHR Regulation 11/20):

  1. Have obtained a health certificate issued by a health authority in the relevant country (shall be in English);
  2. Have been staying for the past 14 days within a country which declared to be free from the coronavirus; and
  3. Have drawn up a statement of willingness to be quarantined for 14 days, as organized by the Indonesian Government.  

Emergency residency permits: We further note that the Indonesian government will automatically grant Emergency Residency Permits to any foreign citizens whose visitor permits or limited/permanent residency permits have expired. 

Please note that such Emergency Residency Permits issuance will be free of charge and will remain valid until further notice from Indonesia government.

Extension of Residence Permit after COVID-19 Pandemic: The extension procedures of the Residency Permits after the COVID-19 pandemic will refer to Indonesia’s prevailing laws and regulations.