Coronavirus Legislation overview by international lawyers and tax experts Featuring Ruggero Rubino Sammartano

This website is the easy access to source information on legal measures taken by all jurisdictions to address the COVID-19 epidemic. It is a free and independent overview, compiled by qualified international lawyers and tax experts of each country.

The purpose is to provide complete information on the various legislation adopted due to COVID-19. This legislation is in continuous evolution and may change very fast. This website is continuously updated by the partners.

Due to the incredible fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world are urged to take legal measures to protect people and minimize economic impact. It is very challenging for individuals and businesses to keep up with the legal development.

The goal of the website is to allow companies, experts, journalists and curious individuals to gain the information needed on the current legislation in a certain jurisdiction. References are made to the sources of COVID-19 legislation (codes, ordinances etc.) in order to allow readers to access the relevant legislation directly.

This website is a tool to coordinate and collect information of different jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has one or several authors. All authors are qualified lawyers and/or tax experts in their jurisdiction.

The leaders of this international project are: