Content Bacon: How to generate referrals on autopilot

Dave KustinCo-founder, Content Bacon - Strategic Partner

The best source of leads on the planet…

is a happy customer 🙂

So we want to show you how to get your customers bringing you referrals regularly.

How easy is a sales conversation with a great referral?

Your customer has already put in a good word. Your prospect trusts you.

Once you’ve shared how you can help, all that’s left to do is take down the credit card details.

A great content marketing strategy generates referrals consistently >> on autopilot.

It’s one of the hot new content strategies we’ll be sharing in our upcoming webinar:

Content Marketing Secrets: Declassified

Discover our latest content marketing secrets for outmaneuvering the competition and driving cash to the bottom line, even in the days of disruption

Date: August 27th, 2020

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Length: 45 minute presentation with Q&A at the end. Please reserve an hour.

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Wendy LieberCo-founder, Content Bacon - Strategic Partner