ANPD holds public consultation on simplified registration of data processing

The ANPD, the authority responsible for overseeing compliance with the LGPD, is taking subsidies for the development of a model for recording personal data processing operations by small processing agents. Interested parties will be able to contribute until December 4 of this year.

The registration of personal data processing operations, popularized as “RoPA” (Record of Processing Activites) is one of the obligations imposed by the LGPD on all companies that collect or use personal data. The RoPA contains the map of personal data flows in the company and can give an overview of the data inventory, protections, sharing and risks, allowing the implementation of a privacy governance program, the fulfillment of rights guaranteed by the LGPD, among others. Relevant points.

Small agents, defined by the ANPD as startups or legal entities with lower revenues that do not use high impact personal data, are subject to differentiated treatment by the LGPD and will have a simplified RoPA model to be followed in an attempt to relieve the activities of these companies and encourage their adherence to these legal data protection obligations. For other companies, this model can serve as a parameter for the adoption of more detailed records, while the ANPD still does not regulate the subject.

If you want to know if you qualify as an ATTP or if you are interested in taking part in making subsidies, please contact our team specialized in Privacy and Data Protection.

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