Content is king

But how do you make it work for you? Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, listening to your favourite podcast, or celebrating someone’s business award on LinkedIn – these are all examples of content in different forms. Content can serve many purposes for your business, it can: Connect you with your target audience Showcase aspects of […]

Why your company should give back

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme Let’s be honest, we don’t need to tell you the true value of a charitable initiative… But we feel pretty strongly on the matter! Since conception charitable initiatives have been at the forefront of IR Global. If you are new to the group you may not know this, but […]

Why you should be part of a global network

The real question is “why shouldn’t you?”. Why limit yourself to your surroundings when there could be a whole world of opportunities out there?  Everyone agrees that we should shop local and support your local town, businesses, and communities. But what happens when the requirements of your client/s go further than your jurisdiction? If recent […]

5 key steps to growing your brand online

1. VISIBILTY To grow your brand online you have to be visible. If your audience can’t see you, you can’t generate awareness. Many of your clients and prospects will spend time on social media – scrolling, liking, and importantly, sharing content with others! Having a strong presence across platforms relevant to your audience will keep […]

Senior Management Update (Sept 20)

Our Virtual Event ‘The New World’: October 2020 As we are sure you’re aware we had to postpone what would have been our 10 year celebratory Annual Conference which was due to be held in London September 2020. In its place is this virtual event which will run throughout October 2020. We took to decision […]

Senior Management Update (Aug 20)

Dear members, We currently use our newsletter as the main channel for keeping you updated on IR Global business development & special announcements, events and a whole array of other important issues. However, it has come to our attention that not everyone is seeing these for various reasons. Having listened to this feedback, we will […]

Senior Management Update (Jul 20)

Our team have been in touch with more members than ever before offering support, advice and further ways to maximise memberships during this period. In a new survey by Forbes* remote working has seen a 47% increase in worker productivity which has certainly been reflected in feedback we have had from our members. This new […]

IR Global – Going Beyond Expectations

IR Global – Going Beyond Expectations – that’s 100% what we pride ourselves on as a team here at IR! I am delighted that our members speak so highly of us and look to recommend our membership so regularly.  “The group’s founding philosophy was based on cultivating a giving mentality and creating a system which […]

First IR Global Iberian Meeting in Barcelona

A big thank you to Bosco de Gispert Segura for hosting the first IR Global member-led Iberian meeting in Barcelona.  The members discussed how they can jointly promote their membership of IR with the aim of being more visible to potential clients and focused on how they can promote business with Latin America. We hope you had […]