Cardinal Pell Goes Free, But Victims of Abuse Remain Imprisoned By Their Memories

Published 07 April 2020 by Koffels Solicitors & Barristers

There will perhaps be more questions than answers generated from the High Court decision to overturn the jury trial that convicted Cardinal George Pell of historic child sex offences.

Much about the process could well be deemed to be unusual given that the High Court would not traditionally hear such a matter in the first place.  To overturn a jury decision could also be considered exceptional given that only those present would be truly privy to the impact of testimony given at the originating trial.

One question is how we still go forward with the support of victims when so many see only this very high profile case, and the result that has ultimately dashed the testimony of this particular claim.  One could also ask why did one man stand up to be counted with seemingly no benefit to flow, other than to seek what he felt was his truth, and that of his friend who died of a drug overdose in 2014.  It makes that path seem all that much harder.

The answer lies in a lot of positives still to come.  All over the world, we are talking about this scourge against children over centuries,  we are believing the victims, we are supporting them, and in the vast majority of cases we are getting both vindication and compensation.  The case against George Pell is but one case, with no doubt more questions to be asked, and truths to be brought to the fore over time.

Perhaps this is the time to indeed rally.  Keep up the fight and the pressure to press for those who have lived a life of haunting memories in unbearable solitude.  There is justice to be gained, but it needs to be pursued and brought to account.

To all the victims of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, it’s not over, it’s beginning.