Boss & Young: ~International Business Division

Our International Business Division is headed by Dr. Xu Guojian, and comprises partners of our firm who have extensive experience and expertise in handling matters touching on international business concerns, namely, Dr. Zhang Mingjie, Ingrid Jiang, Anne Yuan, Xie Hongming, Eric Wang, and Wang Yuzhong, and our talented team of lawyers and paralegals. All our team members graduated from well-known Chinese and foreign legal institutions, with most of our lawyers having furthered their studies and obtained law degrees from the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and other internationally renowned institutions. We also have lawyers with doctorate degrees from Germany and Switzerland, and some of our team members are admitted to practice law in the US and Australia. All our lawyers have a good command of English,whilst some are also proficient in German and French. A number of our lawyers have practiced in international law firms and worked in large multinational corporations. We have been providing legal services for international enterprises that enter the Chinese market since the 1990s.

After 20 years of immense development, we have not only accumulated rich experience in foreign investment and mergers and acquisitions, foreign civil and commercial litigation, international business arbitration, and international intellectual property law, we have also attained significant achievements in the emerging areas of “Going Global” of Chinese enterprises, “One Belt, One Road” and overseas investment, enterprise compliance review, anti-unfair competition, and anti-bribery.

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