Nevin Sanli’s Firm Expands to Europe

Sanli Pastore & Hill recently announced their expansion to Lagos, Nigeria, alongside their partnership with Company President Nevin Sanli’s brother Genco Sanli of Deepleef Resources. Genco Sanli is an accomplished finance, banking, and governance expert. 

Less than a year later, they are now excited to reveal the opening of their new branch in Brussels, Belgium, where the lively city and flourishing country bring a rich diversity of clientele and cases in demand of their expert advisement and valuation services. Such an expansion is an act of triumph as the economy approaches the third year of the Pandemic. 

With four locations in the states and now two abroad, Sanli Pastore & Hill is staffed with seasoned providers of litigation support and expert witness testimony for economic and financial issues, business valuations, financial opinions, transaction advisory services, as well as fairness and solvency opinions. Their services cover a wide span of complex obstacles such as estate planning, divorce, and tax preparation, to name a few. They continue to serve a variety of clients from business owners to labor and service workers alike. 

You may find their US locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and Chicago. These branches are managed and directed by President Nevin Sanli, Chief Executive Officer Thomas Pastore, Forrest Vickery, and James Greene, respectively.

Co-founders Nevin Sanli and Thomas Pastore have held aspirations of global expansion since they first created the company in 1992. Now equipped with the resources to make this dream a reality, Mr Sanli has selected longtime trusted colleague and Finance Development Expert Jay Beaghan for the task.

Just the man for the job, Mr Beaghan is an expert with a diverse career successfully managing enterprise-building and strategic projects for private and public companies.

M&A Technology Deal of the Year Over $100M winner, Mr Beaghan is an accomplished professional – he is credentialed with a Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in Accounting and Finance from the University of Notre Dame, a Diploma of Comparative Law from USD Institute of International Law, and a Juris Doctor from Loyola where he focused on Corporate and Securities issues.

Mr Beaghan has been involved with initiating, structuring, negotiating, and bringing to fruition more than one hundred mergers and acquisitions, venture capital or private equity financings, public offerings, and private debt or institutional equity fundings totalling nearly 8 billion USD in value. 

Sanli Pastore & Hill is truly delighted to announce their expansion along with Jay Beaghan as the newest addition to their team. For more information on their expertise and services, please visit

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