Australian employment lawyer working with international IR global members

Published 28 March 2019 by Whitehall Workplace Law

“The matter was resolved with the employer and employee executing a deed of release resolving all issues in relation to the matter. The deed provided certainty and protection to both the Australian subsidiary and the US parent company.”

Jeremy Cousins, Principal of Whitehall Workplace Law has worked with various international IR Global members to assist their clients with advice on Australian employment and labour law issues.

For example, Jeremy Cousins has worked with other IR Global members to assist their US and UK parent company clients to expand their businesses into Australia by providing Australian employment contracts and advice on compliance with Australian law, including in relation to the engagement of senior executives in Australia.

Jeremy has worked with other IR Global members to provide advice on international employee secondment issues.

Jeremy has also worked with other international IR Global members on employment disputes and terminations. For example, in one matter, Jeremy was instructed by a US client to assist with the forced termination of its Australian-based senior executive director after a long-standing period of employment. The matter required detailed knowledge of the local laws which helped guide the client through the process. The matter was resolved with the employer and employee executing a deed of release resolving all issues in relation to the matter. The deed provided certainty and protection to both the Australian subsidiary and the US parent company.

On another matter, Whitehall Workplace Law assisted its UK-based company client by collaborating with an IR Global member in Singapore to assist the client with advice on Singaporean employment and labour law. In this matter, the UK-based client required urgent advice in relation to an employment termination issue in Singapore. The Singapore based member was able to directly assist the client.