Amendments to Rules of Granting Visa to Foreigners

Published 24 November 2015 by Schaffer & Partner

An amendment to the Alien Act, which is likely to come to effect by the end of 2015, brings changes in the rules of granting Visas to foreigners in the Czech Republic. Currently, te validity of the long-term Visa does not exceed 6 months, a term which is to be increased to one year. Also, the present rules do not enable foreigners to apply to long-term residence permit extension sooner than 120 days prior to te previous visa validityexpiry date, which too is to change; a premature application may be lodged prematurely provided the applicant is able to provide sufficient explanation for doing so.


On the other hand, the Ministry of Affairs assumes the authority to examine realisbility of the data connected with the applicant's income whenever necessary; particularly the self-employed and those who work as members of the statutory organ of business corporations are to be in the Ministry officials' centre of attention. The main reason for assuming these new powers is to eliminate the issuance of ficticious evidence of collecting financial means necessary for the stay. 

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