Agreement on General Data Protection Regulation

Published 18 January 2016 by SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

Following lengthy negotiations within the so-called „Trilogue“, the EU Commission, the Parliament and the Council yesterday unanimously agreed on the provisions for the new General Data Protection Regulation. These regulations shall now be consolidated and translated and eventually confirmed by the Parliament and the Council in January 2016.

The General Data Protection Regulation would thus become effective in the first quarter 2018. 

The Regulation is deemed directly applicable law in all EU countries; implementation acts of the national legislations are therefore not necessary. 

Press releases of the Parliament and the EU Commission are available. At the beginning of next year, we would comprehensively analyse the final version of the General Data Protection Regulation in a special issue of our IT Ticker and outline the changes and amendments with respect to the currently applicable data protection law in Germany.

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