Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik AB joins IR as the exclusive IP – Trademark & Copyright Member in Sweden

Lena SerateliusPartner, Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik AB

International Referral, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Lena Seratelius of Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik AB. Lena has joined IR as our exclusive IP – Trademark & Copyright Member in Sweden.

Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik is a Swedish law firm founded by Lena Seratelius in 1996, specializing in copyright, trademark, sponsorship, marketing and media law. 

ReklamJuridik reviews advertising materials for legal compliancein traditional as well as digital media.  After evaluation the firm can provide a consequence analysis of trademark and copyright issues, compliance to special Swedish marketing legislation such as the Marketing Act, the Lotteries Act, the Use of Names and Images in Advertising Act and the Alcoholic Beverages Act, packaging and labeling, sweepstakes, product and health claims. 

ReklamJuridik assists clients in the developing of intellectual property and marketing strategies and to enforce and protect their non-patent intellectual property rights. The firm provides domestic and international trademark clearance, trademark watching services and Swedish and international applications/registrations. 

ReklamJuridik drafts and negotiates relevant contracts for a variety of advertising and marketing measures, including client-agency and creator-agency agreements, licensing agreements, trademark co-existence and consent agreements, sponsorship agreements and rules for sweepstakes.  

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Lena directly or with the International Referral head office for an introduction.