A Good Chinese Year of the Rabbit! 2012

A Good Chinese Year of the Rabbit! What should we expect from the Dragon? An Analysis in two parts.

With the year of the Dragon just about to welcome us, here is a look back at 2011 with the help of the annual “CEIBS Survey – Foreign Executives in China” done in collaboration with China Integrated and the Swiss Center Shanghai in October and November 2011. The most prominent profile of respondent is a manager, working for a WOFE in the manufacturing industry, with an office in Shanghai or Beijing, selling to other businesses (B2B goods). 138 EU company executives answered and 26 from Swiss companies.  

2011 was definitely a better year than 2010 in terms of sales with over 70% of all companies forecasting that their revenue in 2011 would be higher to substantially higher than in 2010. In consistence with data we have from previous years, Swiss companies are still doing a bit better than their EU counterparts. In general (as an indication only as the respondent sample may not be sufficiently representative) expected China revenue of Swiss companies is also slightly bigger than EU ones.