5 Reasons to shine a spotlight on your ‘Rising Stars’!

It is the human condition to seek approval and praise.

Your recruits starting out in their new careers will be no different. Everyone wants to feel like they are progressing and achieving their goals, but it isn’t always an easy journey without the necessary support.

Here are our top 5 reasons to highlight the Rising Stars within your business:

  1. Enthusiasm! A recognised worker is much more likely to stay motivated, engaged and maintain higher productivity levels. Appreciating what someone is putting into their work will inevitably result in getting more out.
  2. Personal and professional development. By publicly recognising your Rising Star you are exposing them to a wider network of professionals – allowing them the opportunity to develop a wide range of contacts who can provide knowledge and experience, expanding their horizons both personally and professionally.
  3. Developing transferable skills. Whether this be networking or presenting, bringing your Rising Stars to the forefront of your business allows them to develop crucial skills that they may have otherwise left dormant.
  4. Recruitment. Who wouldn’t want to work at an organisation that clearly promotes and nurtures the talent within it? By doing this you are sending the right message to your next potential Rising Star.
  5. Support. Highlighting your Rising Stars, and connecting them with similar individuals within other organisations, affords them a support network of individuals in similar circumstances. They are able to share experiences, queries and lessons learned from their peers.

Taking these into account, your current Rising Star could wind up being your next partner!

Would you like to appoint a Rising Star within your own business? Find out more about our Rising Stars program here, with testimonials from our current candidates.

Speak to Lauren at lauren@irglobal.com to nominate your own Rising Star.