5 key steps to growing your brand online


To grow your brand online you have to be visible. If your audience can’t see you, you can’t generate awareness. Many of your clients and prospects will spend time on social media – scrolling, liking, and importantly, sharing content with others! Having a strong presence across platforms relevant to your audience will keep you front of mind and build validity and confidence in your brand.


Following on from the above, to present yourself to the right audience you must know who they are! Pulling together a buyer persona for your target audience will make all your online efforts more effective, efficient, and successful.

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions to start to figure out your audience’s habits:

  • What social media platforms do my audience frequently use?
  • Where would my audience go to gather information?
  • What styles or mediums of content are my audience engaging with?

All successful brands start by putting their target audience at the forefront of everything they do.


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – regardless of where someone sees your content, they should be able to identify your brand. The only way to ensure this is to find your brand’s persona and keep it consistent regardless of where you are choosing to engage your audience. Establishing your own “look” and tone of voice, and having an idea of these brand guidelines, is crucial to supporting the growth and professionalism of your brand.


Blogging is a great way to reach a wide audience whilst adding credibility to your brand. People want to know that you have something worth saying, whether that be advice, industry updates, an interview with a member of your team, or a behind the scenes into what you do as a company – these are all valuable opportunities to grow your brand, and subsequently your client base. Don’t just start a blog, but keep it up to date, so that people know you are always at the forefront of your field.


You have worked hard to build relationships across your industry, and throughout your clients – don’t let these go to waste. Collaborations with well established, respected brands and individuals are a great way to quickly further your reach. Interview someone for a blog post, share their content with your own commentary, tag them in posts that you think they might find useful. Leverage these networks to build your profile and get your brand in front of a wider audience.

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