2022 Our Mission and the Client-centric Law Firm

Dear Clients and Friends,

In December, the EmergeCounsel team held our annual retreat in St. Petersburg, Florida. Take a look at a few of the photos below. Besides enjoying delicious meals of fresh-caught fried fish; a few cheap beers; a dolphin cruise; beautiful beaches, and the Dali Museum – arguably the coolest art museum ever – we spent time discussing (over more cheap beer):

  • The firm’s mission: to provide sophisticated, process-driven intellectual property and business counsel at a fair and (when possible) predictable price point.
  • Further our primary objective of 2022: to implement processes, software, and continuing education to further an inclusive, client-centric law firm.

Check out our new video explaining our firm and our mission.

This month instead of a blog, we want to hear from you – send your feedback or kudos to Amber VandenHout at [email protected].

Thank you for your support in 2021 and cheers to a great 2022!

Sincerely, EmergeCounsel 

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