2014: China at a Turning Point -Can we Hope for the Best?

Dear Friends, Partners and Readers,

2013 has been an eventful and challenging year all over the world, but particularly so in China. What should we make out of it and what should we expect for the future?

The change of leadership to President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and their team was not as smooth as it was planned by party elders.

In defiance of traditional political practices, Bo Xilai competed for a position in the inner-circles of the Chinese leadership sparking the most important post-Mao political crisis. All the while, it became clear to ordinary citizens that their leaders were involved in allowing the enrichment of their allies and families to levels rivaling those of China’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Worse, the Chinese people realized that the peddling of political influence was not only unfair but that it additionally threatens their daily lives. Collapsed bridges, train collisions, food scandals, and pollution levels have all increased considerably in the last few years, pointing to growing mismanagement by government officials.

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