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Founder, William D. Howard (Bill) has been the hard-hitting head honcho of the Howard Law Group’s complex litigation team for nearly a decade. With over 30 years of active litigation practice, Bill knows the nuts and bolts of the operation when it comes to trying cases. Having litigated the most catastrophic, all-or-nothing cases — the ones other law firms won't touch with a 10-foot pole — despite amazing results he’s received, Bill knows that litigation isn’t always the best path to take.

Bill is certified as an ICLE-trained civil facilitator in multiple Michigan Courts. He serves on many arbitration/mediation panels as selected by local counsel, including special panels involving complex litigation and contractor issues.

Because of his training, you can trust Bill to do the deep investigative work it takes to steer you out of litigation. Because of who he is, drawn to the use of sound logic and big-picture thinking, you can depend on Bill’s keen eye for finding solutions in the midst of some of the toughest conflicts.

Why Choose Bill?

Most people are familiar with the traditional legal process of filing a lawsuit, exchanging documents, attending court hearings, all leading to the culminating point of a trial.  What is not commonly understood is that this process is prohibitively expensive; so much so, that many cannot afford to participate in it for long.  This leaves hard working citizens faced with the limited choices of dropping the suit, settling for less than what is desired, or virtually going bankrupt in the hopes of a favorable verdict.

For these reasons, courts in jurisdictions all over the country are advocating for parties to seek meaningful arbitration/mediation as early as possible.  When parties in conflict come in good faith to the table and utilize the assistance of a skilled arbitrator/mediator, many of the obstacles mentioned above are removed from the equation leaving the necessary room for all to walk away with a successful outcome.  This is Bill’s sweet spot.  Having vast experience is both litigation and alternative methods of dispute resolution, Bill is uniquely equipped to solve problems outside of litigation. 

Firm Description

Tough, Sophisticated Litigation.

At the Howard Law Group, we handle the ugliest, hairiest, and most-complex disputes and cases. We’re the go-to trial lawyers for some of the nation’s largest corporations, in industries like Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Maritime, Trucking, and more.

Why? For starters, we’ve handled hundreds of significant trials over the past decade. That’s hundreds. And we’ve won 98% of them. Yeah, those few losses grate on us. If you already have a litigation firm, ask them how their numbers compare. Then think about maybe giving us a call.

When you can’t afford to lose — or simply don’t want to — call the Howard Law Group.