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Atty. Valeriano del Rosario is the managing partner of VeraLaw and he has extensive education and business experience in the U.S. and Europe. Val, as he is known, was educated at Georgetown Preparatory School and New York University. He returned to the Philippines and obtained his law degree at the Ateneo College of Law with honors, and qualified as a lawyer in 1982. He obtained a masters degree in maritime law from the University of Wales, Institute of Science & Technology, United Kingdom, followed by three years at the law firm of Sinclair Roche and Temperley in the City of London. 

His firm has been involved in the arrest and release of ships, ship and mortgage registration, cargo claims, and ship collision and salvage. He has been involved for 25 years with the "Dona Paz", which has been litigated in the Philippines, Texas and Louisiana, U.S.A., and which is the largest peacetime maritime disaster in the world. Val works with UK P&I Clubs, and Japanese shipowners. Val has advised and assisted Japanese shipowners through the web of Philippine regulation, in order for them to be able to establish a presence in the Philippines.

On the commercial law side, he has recently assisted a Philippine client through a complicated mediation involving company subsidiaries involved in litigation in the States of Delaware and California, and the Philippines. He is also heavily involved in advising clients on insurance and commercial law disputes. Lately, he has been active in ship pollution claims on behalf of shipowners. 

He was President of the Maritime Law Association of the Philippines in the year 2000. 

Outside of work, Val and his wife collect Philippine contemporary art, especially the works of National Artist Bencab. He also teaches Transportation law as a lecturer at the Ateneo College of Law for over 10 years.

Firm Description

VeraLaw opened its doors in 1949 as V.E. del Rosario & Associates-abbreviated as VERA by its founder and clients. The shorthand name is used until today as VeraLaw.  

When V.E. del Rosario started his law practice soon after the War, he offered his legal expertise to the American firms who were interested to invest in the war ravaged Philippines. V.E. del Rosario was attuned to the business and political climate in the Philippines, but he had an eye on the American companies as his future clients.  

As the Philippines has grown and modernized its economy, VeraLaw has continued with the philosophy of its founder. It has solid local know-how which is geared to service the needs of its foreign clients from North America, and now the foreign client base has expanded to Japan and Europe. The firm VeraLaw has a solid history on which it has built its reputation. The firm was founded over 60 years ago, but it has continued to thrive and evolve, constantly in tempo with the times. Infused with fresh blood and reinvigorated, VeraLaw is now the partnership of Del Rosario Raboca Gonzales Grasparil.

VeraLaw is more relevant than ever before in its specific areas of competence and specialty. Veralaw is a leading firm in the practice of intellectual property law, for trademarks and patent,and shipping law. VeraLaw represents a diverse portfolio of clients, from shipowner, P&I Clubs, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, banking, finance and insurance industry, courier services, automotive, software, hotel, media and entertainment, aviation, personal and household products, fashion, consumer products, footwear, cosmetics, telecommunications, and real estate, among others.

Veralaw has the expertise in insurance law, shipping law, dispute resolution,international litigation, arrest and release of ships,mining and international trade. In addition, VeraLaw advices clients on corporate law in order to establish their Philippine presence and operations, and immigration law to ensure that the expatriate employees will have the proper working visa. VeraLaw is geared towards foreign business and investment, and the partners and lawyers are fluent in English.