Urs Breitsprecher

Exclusive IR advisor for Mergers & Acquisitions in Germany since 2016

Urs BreitsprecherPartner, CAPELLE Rechtsanwälte

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Mergers & Acquisitions in Germany

Elberfelder Strasse 2, Düsseldorf, 40213

Mergers and Aquisitions

Our International Mergers & Acquisitions group has member firms in 100+ jurisdictions around the world. Each member is carefully vetted on their firm's expertise and experience. M&A group members are not just content in being part of the industry, rather they lead it through innovation. Above all else, as a member our cross-border M&A network, they are proud to hold the highest ethical standards.

We offer a full global service offering from deal initiation to completion. Members include corporate finance advisory firms, investors, lawyers, due diligence and transaction support advisers.

MENA Forum

The MENA forum is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in Middle East and North African regions. The forum helps those doing business in MENA thanks to a strong emphasis on understanding the cultural issues and needs on both in/out-bound work. The value offered by our MENA professional services network to the business community is unrivalled.

Members have close cooperation and work together from all over the globe to development business opportunities for the client.