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Hofgarten-Palais, Bleichstr. 8-10
Düsseldorf 40211 Germany

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Urs is continuing his role as a Committee Member for the M&A Group and MENA Forum in 2020. Based in Germany, he has valuable expertise in Corporate Tax matters which serves IR Global and its members well.

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“My interest in the commercial interactions between law and the economy, and a keen sense of justice lead me to pursue a legal career.

My motivation comes from my daily interactions with people, and the opportunity to engage and support them. I enjoy being able to help clients to achieve their objectives, whether in court, or in negotiations.

To me, building a personal and trusting relationship with my clients is paramount.”

Urs is managing partner at AQUAN Rechtsanwälte, forming the business after 15 years of legal practice in Düsseldorf.

He has more than a decade of experience working on complex M&A transactions, and, due to his dual qualification as a German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) and English Solicitor, he is specialised in cross-border deals. He also has considerable expertise of company and group restructurings, and their tax consequences as well as in insolvency matters.

Among his domestic and international clients are family-owned businesses, private equity firms, and family offices. He also advises foreign companies on inbound investments into Germany.

Urs obtained his diploma in European Law (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) in 1998 and a Bachelor of Law (University College London) in 2001. He completed the first state examination at the University of Passau and the second state examination in 2003 in Frankfurt am Main. He is a specialist English solicitor for business law and tax law, and became a Certified M&A advisor in Chicago in 2016.

Urs is married and the father of two children. In his spare time, he likes to cook, surf and scuba dive. He plays golf when time allows it, and also visits the opera. Urs is an active member of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).


Corporate Law (foundation, company purchase, reorganisation, reconstruction)
Tax Law
Insolvency Law
Contract Law

Firm Description

An innovative legal partner for your business

AQUAN is a new concept of legal practice committed to the delivery of legal advice at the highest level, helping our clients achieve their goals. It goes without saying that we embrace and adhere to the principles of honesty, integrity and professional ethics.

Our team of commercial lawyers is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. We bring experience acquired through handling demanding international legal work, into the more relaxed, client-centric environment of a modern boutique practice.

We are highly skilled, highly educated and highly motivated to help you succeed, but equally driven to maintain high standards in professional and social responsibility.

Boutique to us means more than just small. It means that we are focused, and allows our team to maintain a flat hierarchy. It helps us to remain open-minded and creative when it comes to solving legal and commercial problems.

As one of our clients, you will get to know our team personally. We aim to be an integral part of your business; a key ally and friend, rather than just an advisor.


Tailor creative solutions to real business issues

Our goal is to help mid-market companies and international investors to achieve their objectives.

The team, led by managing partner Urs Breitsprecher, is specialised in all areas of corporate/ M&A and commercial law. In addition, we have expertise in restructuring and insolvency law and advising on inbound/outbound investments. If needed, we source advice on other legal areas such as employment and IP from local specialists who we know and trust.

We can facilitate the corporate finance on your acquisition of a new business, or help you to wind up or dispose of your old one. We will represent you as a creditor in a bankruptcy case, or can help to restructure your business should the need arise.

If you are a foreign investor looking at opportunities in Germany, we will advise you on contract negotiations, as well as on tax consequences and finance options.

Whatever we do, the solutions will be effective, creative, and tailored to your specific situation. We can do that because we will have taken the time to understand you and your business, your motivation, your ethics and your ultimate vision.


Fairly and transparently, through close relationships with clients and partners

Our interdisciplinary experience across a broad range of legal areas, ensures we never lose sight of your individual interests. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what is important to you. We have a highly focused legal and commercial perspective that reflects the business rationale behind any advice we give.

Teamwork is at the heart of AQUAN’s ethos, and that extends beyond our practice to embrace clients and expert associates. We work with trusted partners across Europe and beyond who are able to add international expertise to our legal solutions.

The Netherlands and Germany are important trade partners. Germany received almost USD100 billion of exports from the Dutch in 2016. This level of commercial activity led AQUAN to partner with RSM Netherlands and Wolfs Advocaten, and we share an office on the German/Dutch border in Venlo.

As partners we work together, but not exclusively. AQUAN also works with other trusted partners in the Netherlands to enable us to meet specific client needs on an as required basis.

Our Middle East desk is manned by a team including dedicated Arabic speakers and lawyers with detailed knowledge of the region, which enables us to assist clients in their dealings in the greater Middle East. On a global level, we are part of the IR Global network which connects us with professional expertise in more than 50 countries worldwide. We are also a partner of Emerging Markets Advisory Group (IsFin).

These international associations allow us to identify your needs and craft the perfect independent solution or package of advice, regardless of complexity or geographic location.