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Oosteinde 27, 1017 WT
Amsterdam Netherlands

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I have been practicing law since 2000, at law firms servicing international businesses, focusing primarily on all forms of commercial litigation and arbitration, as well as on employment law. 

I believe in a pragmatic and practical approach, where legal recourse is nothing more than an instrument, not a goal in itself. In many cases it is advisable to seek a compromise and settle a matter out of court. However, if such a settlement is not possible, I will pursue your case by all means possible. 

In litigation, my focus is mainly on conducting legal proceedings and advising clients on all commercial matters. I have experience in liability and contracting issues, conflicts between shareholders and the board and among shareholders themselves, cross-border proceedings conducted simultaneously in several different jurisdictions, collection and enforcement cases in a national and international perspective.

In employment law, I assist clients in all individual and collective matters relating to employment law, ranging from employment agreements to personnel handbooks, dealings with unions and works councils and (mass) redundancies.

Firm Description

Synergy Business Lawyers is a boutique corporate law firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We provide legal services for international businesses in the broadest sense. From real estate and commercial contracts to mergers and acquisitions, from employment law to litigation and arbitration. With a long record in international business law, mainly in the Netherlands, the EU, the US and Israel, Synergy Business Lawyers can assist you in all legal aspects related to international commerce, whether it is hi-tech, green energy, real estate or manufacturing. 

At Synergy Business Lawyers we aim to solve problems and think in and outside the legal box.

We synergize our legal knowledge with understanding your business, on both the national and international level. This synergy adds value to your enterprise. 

We are not content with just delivering a legal product, we aim at knowing what you want and need in order to provide practical solutions and advice that goes beyond the legal technicalities. We are your partner in business, your valued advisor and create synergy for a long-term relationship. 

We operate with an agile and dedicated core team, stressing a no-nonsense approach with short communication lines and swift response time and at maintaining transparent, competitive prices. 

We have a carefully selected pool of flexible specialists, including top scholars and seasoned professionals, thus being able to augment our team, if necessary.

We are part of an international affiliation, IR Global, which allows us to provide services globally and act as a one-stop-shop.