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Thomas Paoletti

Founder & Managing Partner Paoletti Legal Consultant

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  • United Arab Emirates

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  • Corporate Law
306 Emarat Atrium Building
Dubai P. O. BOX 414157 United Arab Emirates

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Having been a member of IR Global since 2016, Thomas is continuing as a Committee Member for the Asia/Pacific Forum in 2020.

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Graduated in law from the University of Rome (La Sapienza) in 1994 after having prepared his final dissertation in comparative law at Yale Law School (Connecticut, USA) as a visiting scholar. He began his practice at Studio Legale Paoletti in Rome (Italy), as a trainee lawyer for two years prior to taking the bar exam.

He become a partner of Studio Legale Paoletti in 1997 and is registered with the Bar Council of Rome.

In his twenty years of legal practice he has assisted clients in both domestic litigation cases and international cases including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

In 2008 he joined Al Bahar Law Firm, concentrating his activities on drafting contracts and in particular commercial contracts and company related contracts and advising clients on corporate and company law as well as commercial agreements advising both domestic and international clients.

He has acquired specific expertise in the Gulf States, assisting companies in terms of overseas investment and internationalization in the Middle East, offering legal support throughout the planning stage and specialist assistance in the establishment and running of the overseas business.

In 2014 he founded the Paoletti Legal Consultant and he is currently the owner and the managing partner.

He is a Board Member and the Vice President of the Italian Business Council of Dubai & Northern Emirates ( as well as Italian Social Club of Dubai.

He is listed as a local lawyer at the Italian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Italian Consulate in Dubai as well as at the Italian Trade Commission (ICE) of Dubai.

Firm Description

We are a thoroughly modern international legal service and a place where the east meets the west in a perfect combination of the two cultures which makes us to be proud to be part of it.

We offer a comprehensive service tailored to meet business and private needs, rivalling major international corporate firms in quality of service and professionalism and cost.

Our priorities

Providing by the complete satisfaction of customer needs, ensuring maximum professionalism, availability, attention to detail and clarity of communication. Our main objective is to identify the appropriate legal and optimal paths for achieving the intended purpose with our Client.

Strong with a long list of achievements in the specific field, we compete with major international corporate firms in quality of service, competence and cost of services offered.

We offer a wide range of services designed to accommodate both the needs of business and private.

Counting on a team of lawyers with extensive experience in all major legal disciplines, together with established relationships with other important firms and specialized professionals, allows us to guarantee our customers a timely, effective and functional needs of each.

Similarly, the small size of our team allows us to pay more attention to each client, offering a tailor-made services and customized.

We provide advice and assistance to customers from any other part of the world, taking care especially on the following areas of interest: corporate and commercial law, family law, successions and Wills, domestic and international disputes.