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Stefano Carmini

Founder and Managing Partner Carmini e Associati Studio Legale

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  • Italy

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Via Visconti di Modrone 2 6th floor
Milan 20122 Italy

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Education and Registration

Law Degree (with honours) at “Università Statale degli Studi”, Milan, in A.Y 1983/84.

Registered in 1988 with the Milan Bar.

Admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court, since 2000.

Registered in 1993 as chartered accountant. Registered in 1995 as auditor.

Member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and International Fiscal Association (IFA).

Secretary of the Chamber Tax Lawyers of the Province of Milan.

Member of the Tax Justice Commission at the Milan Bar. Chairman of the Board of Auditors of the Milan Bar.


Italian, English

Areas of expertise

Corporate and commercial law.

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate governance

Litigation and Arbitration

Tax Consulting

Tax litigation

Academic activities

Assistant at “Università Statale degli Studi” of Milan – Department of Jurisprudence – professorship of Tax Law (years: 1985/86). Lecturer of Tax Law at the University of Trento – Department of Economy – professorship of Tax Law (years: 1992/93; 1993/94; 1994/95) and at the University of Pavia – Department of Economy – professorship of Tax Law (years: 1995/96; 1996/97).

Contract professor at the University of Trento – Department of Economy – teaching of “Community Tax Law”, in that context we attended stages about Community Tax Law (A.Y. 1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99, 1999/00). Reporter at “Università L. Bocconi” in Milan, he has been coordinator and reporter at meetings for international and national tax law as well, and at the courses and masters for professionals.

Author of several monographs and articles.

Thanks to his academic and professional activities, Stefano Carmini has acquired, over the years, deep expertise and extensive experience in corporate, commercial and tax matters, in particular, in the corporate transactions, such as mergers, demergers, M&A, contributions, transfers of participations, as well as in the management of family assets and in the national and international tax planning. Stefano Carmini also has extensive expertise in the balance sheet and accounting matters, being member of the statutory auditor body in primary multinational companies.

Firm Description

History and Profile

Carmini e Associati Law Firm has been established in 1999 by Stefano Carmini with other professionals expert in several matters such as law and economy, after over fifteen years’ experience with a renowned Law Firm in Milan. Carmini e Associati Law Firm posses a wide competence in corporate, commercial and tax law and, furthermore, developed judicial skills in such areas which are strictly linked to the above-mentioned fields.

Carmini e Associati Law Firm can rely on the support of number of professional offices, having a proved expertise in several branches of law and economy, through a consolidated cooperation (Networking), which enable Carmini e Associati Law Firm to offer to its clients a wide range of services and assistance characterized by a high degree of integration between the different disciplines. Carmini e Associati Law Firm pack is structured to provide an accurate and qualified service, using all available expertise, even in different structures connected to each other, therefore Carmini e Associati Law Firm pursues a client oriented approach, providing professional references which are able to offer to its clients, an attentive and professional care to their specific needs.

Thanks to such organization, combined with high reliability and professional competence, Carmini e Associati Law Firm is able to provide its clients, in a timely and efficient manner, a wide range of services characterized by high quality standards, with a personal and practical approach, which takes into account any aspect related to the client's problems, in order to tailor the most appropriate assistance for the specific needs of each client.


For Carmini e Associati Law Firm the trust between clients and professionals is a goal to be achieved and maintained every day, therefore it is focused to offer maximum reliability and professional attention and care to the special needs of its clients, by involving other law firms connected in Network if necessary, both in a integrated manner and for a specific exigence of the single practice.

Rates of Carmini e Associati Law Firm are mainly applied on an hourly basis, taking into account the nature, the value and the urgency required by the customer for the file.


Carmini e Associati Law Firm services are focused on medium-sized enterprises, which are interested in the development of their domestic activities and to boost the development and control of their own initiatives, at national and international level.

Carmini e Associati Law Firm assisted, as well, groups and families which own companies and assets to develop and adopt asset management strategies, taking into account different interests, sometimes depending on family and generational dynamics, and the tax efficiency profiles as well. Carmini e Associati Law Firm counts among its clients important entrepreneurial families and groups, as well as leading companies in the retail, automotive, real estate, tourism, machine tools, energy and services.