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45 bis rue des acacias
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French CPA and statutory auditor, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, Serge founded the audit firm Moorestephens Syc in 1987 after a 9 years period with PWC.

Serge is presently partner at Syc Consultants. He focuses mainly on specific audit and corporate change projects.

Serge is president of honor of the French audit and IT counsulting association (AFAI), the ISACA French chapter. He leads finance and IT workshops at the Chartered accountants French chapter, Academy of the financial and accounting sciences and techniques, or AFAI. Workshop subjects are governance of corporations, personal data governance, governance of outsourced services or VDD.

Firm Description

An experienced team with detailed knowledge of organizations, business processes, financial information and information technologies. Responsive people led by a true team spirit with a real commitment to improve your performance.The knowledge of SYC Consultants is nowadays recognized by many customers from different business sectors such as :

  • Industry (like car manufacturing, energy, fashion…)
  • Trade and retailing (like farm-produce, IT…)
  • Health (like pharmaceutical research, hospitals…)
  • Banking
  • Leasing
  • Insurance
  • IT and Telecom
  • Financial investors
  • Service providers
  • Non profit organizations
  • Start-ups…

Based on our extensive experience in small and middle-sized companies as well as in listed companies, and on our multiple fields of expertise (finance, IT, management…), we aim at :

  • being a key actor in the development and in the performance of companies
  • guaranteing the compliance with the principles of corporate governance and with regulations
  • ensuring the quality of financial information
  • helping and comforting Corporate Officers through the decision making process