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Robert Bron

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Van Boshuizenstraat 12 unit 1.25
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Robert has a broad understanding of Dutch corporate law. He graduated in Dutch law from the University of Utrecht and started his career at the Private Banking department of Rabobank Netherlands. Subsequently he was assigned at three Dutch trust offices and succesfully continued as a managing director of a trust company before co-founding ABiLiTieS. Robert has serviced many Russian, Kazakh, American and international clients with corporate legal matters. Robert speaks: Dutch and English.  

Firm Description

What corporate services does our trust company offer in the Netherlands? 

ABiLiTieS Trust is a corporate services provider for international operating companies based in the Netherlands. We are specialised in company formations of Dutch limited liability companies, foundations, partnerships and coops. Alternatively, ABiLiTieS Trust can assist with the registration of branches.

Our experienced and proactive TRUST TEAM can support you to set up and maintain your business in a sound way.

Feel free to CONTACT OUR AMSTERDAM OFFICE to obtain more information in respect of business support in the Netherlands.

What do the Netherlands offer?

The Netherlands are an excellent gate to the rest of the world. Its location with a large port and airport, strong financial system, attractive financing and holding regime, many double taxation treaties, unique level of asset protection, flexible law and sound legal system, high standards of living and efficient expat center, make the Dutch jurisdiction stand out.

A structure should last for many years and multiple aspects are relevant to realise a sound jurisdiction for holding an investment. In this respect the Netherlands offer:

  • Solid financial infrastructure which benefits from a strong real economy
  • Unique level of asset protection, provided by a high number of (bilateral) investment protection treaties, territorial approach to bankruptcies and legal forms enabling floating assets and separation between ownership and economical rights 
  • Good infrastructure by means of international airports/roads/international trains/ports
  • An innovative hub with a 7% corporate income tax rate for income from intangible assets resulting from R&D
  • Double taxation treaties with a large number of countries 
  • Proven holding regime with absence of dividend withholding tax (when structured properly)
  • Sound and efficient legal system which enables swift set up, restructuring and liquidation and offers independent, effective and efficient dispute resolution
  • Flexible law enabling tailormade cooperation between investors
  • Attractive expat conditions with an expat center enabling highly skilled migrants to be hired on the short term with limited paperwork and having a compensation for the additional expenses by means of a 30% ruling
  • High standards of living with affordable housing, safety, good education and work environment
  • Economic and politicial stability
  • Good 'onshore' reputation

How can a Dutch foundation (Stichting) be used?

The Dutch foundation is an interesting legal form that can be used for many purposes: estate planning, keep majority control as minority shareholder, charity and asset protection.

Examples are:

  • Foundations whereby a company owner can already transfer ownership on a regular basis to its children, while the company owner remains in full control over the company
  • Foundation used for issuance of depository receipts, without the voting rights of the underlying shares, whereby a minority shareholder can keep full control
  • Foundations used as a good and easy vehicle for charity. A special tax status can exempt foundations from gift and inheritance tax
  • Family foundation whereby a foundation functions in a similar way as a trust
  • Foundation used for securisation, making the special purpose vehicle’s assets floating

Why use a trust office in the Netherlands?

Your company will benefit from using a trust company because of:

  • specialised knowledge of local requirements and special purpose vehicles even when there are only limited activities
  • independent checks on all transactions
  • full flexibility as there will be no need for persons on the payroll
  • prices of trust services can be agreed in advance