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Wiesenweg 18 86938 Schondorf
Munich Germany

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Reinhard Häckl is active as a tax consultant since 1980. In 1987 he became a CPA of Germany (certified public accountant). In 1990 he became a member of INPACT International. INPACT International is known as a worldwide association of independent auditing firms with over 150 members in over 60 countries.

Reinhard Häckl is member of the advisory board of the German CPA Chamber in Berlin and a Member of the advisory board of the Chamber of Commerce in Munich and upper Bavaria.

Häckl Treuhand GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft 

The company is located at the wonderful area of the Ammersee and in the middle of Munich

Reinhard Häckl likes to advise companies very trustfully and for  a reasonable price.bHe is very experienced in Inbound and outbound activities , knows colleagues around the world , advises at the moment companies from all over Europe , USA, Japan, India, China and many more, in all tax questions to get the best results . He knows through all of his experience and networks all of the decision makers in the revenue , so he can achieve the best results in negotiations. Best results in transfer pricing are his gainings.

His experience is well known around the world. 

Also in international accounting, IFRS and US GAAP he works with his daughter together to get the right bookkeeping in place and the right results every month up to date.

As CPA Reinhard Häckl will audit your accounts in a faithful way. 

Reinhard Häckl is an international tax expert by law, monitored by the chamber of tax consultants in munich with commitment to have 10 hours instruction to learn new things every year. 

Trust Reinhard as he will always prove to get the best results and you can visit him near Munich at the Ammersee for a dinner without any costs for you!

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80336 München
Tel.:+49 (0)89 / 3239020

Cellphone 004915125221807

Firm description

We have the know-how and experience to meet the individual requirements of large enterprises in a competent and comprehensive way, but are not too large for the development of complete solutions for individuals, freelancers and individual enterprises.

Our clients come from production, trade and service sectors. We serve medium-sized companies of different sizes and legal forms, and prepare tax returns of individuals. In the international area, we consult well-known companies with German subsidiaries and German companies with their foreign branches and subsidiaries. Through our global network of colleagues, we also provide expert cross-border consultation. In addition to our assistance in meeting legal obligations, we see our role primarily in helping you achieve your financial and personal goals. We have made it our task to advise each client individually and provide support according to his/her requirements. All work that we provide is subject to the supervision of the professional supervision of the Accountants and Auditors Association. With you in mind, we have taken out a financial loss liability insurance of 1,0 million EUR which goes far beyond the legally required amount.

The Team:

As our customer, your well-being is our priority. Every member of our team is committed to providing you with the best service possible.With a sound basic training our employees are committed to help you. This starts with the training of our apprentices, on which we place great value and is on going with continual professional training in-house and external. In  our team we are customer-oriented. Talk to your personal assistant - we always have a friendly smile for you. We offer quick service for your convenience. Everything is done with utmost care and the discretion which is required in our trade.Our employees feel content when you are satisfied. We work together with specialists in our network so we can provide the best results.

The Technology:

With state-of-the-art information technology, we fullfil our basic principle of customer attention. At the lake Ammersee  , a beautiful landscape,  we advise you in modern equipped rooms with advanced technology. Even when we are traveling you can always reach us through laptops, mobile phones and iPhones.

For consistent and demand-oriented processing, we continually invest in cutting-edge technology. The latest generation of computers, connected in the network, enable data processing within a short time. Equipped with laptops, cell phones and company cars, you will receive comprehensive on-site service. We also process your accounting digitally in realtime, simply and easily send us your documents with scanner or fax, and the accounting in the offices can be done immediately, and you can access the result on your screen.

And should you need help on your local screen, we log-in online via a secure system and edit your numbers on your computer.

In our office we can make use of the fastest information channels for you as every work desk has internet connection with set-up e-mail accounts for every employee.This exceptional service in our sector has brought many significant advantages for our clients in previous years.

Our service begins in your office or by digital processing. Through newsletters, personal meetings and seminars we ensure that our clients are always provided with the latest information.