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Philippe Termote


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  • Belgium

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  • Insolvency
Cockerillkaai 18
Antwerpen 2000 Belgium

Committee Member

Philippe has been made a Committee Member for the Insolvency Group in 2020 and it is a pleasure to welcome one of our newer members to the committee.

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Philippe started at Lige immediately after his education at the University of Antwerp and the European Law School of Maastricht. He has since made partner at our insolvency firm, which specialises in all matters regarding liquidation. Philippe is very knowledgeable on both aspects of insolvency (continuity of enterprises act and receivership).

Firm Description

A personal engagement

Remember how lawyers used to be just lawyers?

Well that's not us. We think companies have much more to gain from a legal partner that helps its clients grow and excel. In fact, we think the term 'partner' falls short of who we are and what we do.

We see ourselves as an extension of your team. A team member who understands your concerns and shares responsibility. We feel your sense of urgency and necessity, and act accordingly.

And of course, we love diving into complex legal issues. Coming up with clever arguments and never (ever) giving up on academic excellence and outstanding legal reasoning is what we live for. Transforming that excellence into deliverables that your management team can actually use is what drives us. Sound business advice that results in durable decisions our second nature.

Our advice may originate from a whiteboard rather than a dusty legal tome. Which is why we may ask a few surprising questions at our next meeting. It's also why we won't charge you for something we had lying around anyway. We'd much prefer to come up with proactive strategies that work for you.

We are 'the-management-team-member-with-legal-creativity' that can help take your business to the next level. And we take that role very seriously.

It’s what we call personal engagement.