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Peggy Millikin

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4527 E. 91st St., Suite 127
Tulsa 74137 United States

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Peggy is a longstanding IR Global member and will be continuing her role as a Committee Member for the IP Group in 2020.

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Peggy is a registered patent attorney and has been practicing law for 28 year. She has managed the global intellectual property (“IP”) portfolios for a number of international businesses, counseling clients on aspects of portfolio creation and management and also protection and enforcement. She understands that clients are seeking value-driven results and look to optimize their IP spend while making IP assets an integral part of the business or organizational strategy.  Peggy also has lead the IP function on a number of international transactions, where the IP assets at issue were valued at several hundred million dollars, and helps clients enforce IP rights in a competitive market.  She has also represented clients in high-stakes litigation and employs creative problem-solving skills to encourage resolution of disputes.

Peggy’s technological background spans a range of technical disciplines, from fiber forming, to polymer and glass chemistries, industrial equipment and processes, business methods and software.   She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering and worked for a time as a research technician and chemist with Cities Service Oil and Gas, before attending law school at the University of Tulsa, where she graduated with honors. Before forming her law firm in 2014, Peggy was a shareholder and director with Crowe & Dunlevy.  She also worked in-house as IP counsel for Honeywell, Owens Corning, Hercules and Basell, a joint venture of BASF and Royal Dutch Shell, where she managed the U.S. IP office. She has expanded her firm to Millikin McKay, PLLC, where she offers her services to clients from across the globe. Peggy takes pride in helping her clients cultivate their own intellectual creativity, solve problems and realize their dreams.

Firm Description

Your Ideas in Our Hands

Millikin Intellectual Property Law assists clients in creating and identifying intellectual assets and leveraging these assets to achieve organizational goals through creative strategies.

We help clients achieve their goals and solve problems.

Millikin Intellectual Property Law is a full-service intellectual property law firm. We advise clients in the creation, protection and management of intellectual property assets, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property assets and applications. Whether your needs involve problem solving or reaching a goal, we endeavor to create tailored solutions that meet your unique situation.

Millikin Intellectual Property Law was formed by Margaret S. (“Peggy”) Millikin, who became a registered patent attorney in 1995. Peggy has advised individuals, large international businesses with transnational concerns, small business owners, educational institutions, museums, charities, and government entities, in various aspects of intellectual property protection, use and management.