Paul Beare

Exclusive IR advisor for Company Formations in England since 2013

Company Formations in England

49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG

Corporate Services

The IR Corporate Services group offers clients global coverage for their business needs with members who are not just content to be part of the industry but to lead through innovation.

We offer world-wide expertise and representation through our network of Trusted Advisors.

Whenever you require representation and support in one or more jurisdictions, the Corporate Services Group is ideally placed to assist you in achieving your global expansion plans, ensuring compliance, and securing your plans for growth.

We offer clients practical, long term strategic advice through partnering with other sub-groups of the IR Global Network.

Ethics Committee

The IR Global Ethics Committee play an important role within the network in ensuring the highest ethical standards and the continued development of IR’s member culture. The committee is made up of long-term members with a wealth of knowledge and experience who have IR and its membership base best interests at heart. 

The committee is responsible for our member protocols. These guidelines provide information with regard to both sending and receiving client instructions, best practice and procedures in case of potential issues