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49 Greek Street
London W1D 4EG United Kingdom

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Paul Beare is part of the Corporate Services steering committee 2019

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Paul founded Paul Beare Ltd having worked in a family business in the accounting realm, Kevin Beare & Co, for over ten years. Last year, in October 2014, that business was sold as part of a successful M&A.

Working in a family business provided vast experience in advisory, setting up client’s operations, implementing procedures, and in many circumstances co-running client’s entities by working in parallel with the senior management team of his clients.

Now moving on with the knowledge and experience of these areas, Paul continues to support the needs of overseas companies setting up in the UK by providing a range of services and support these companies need to land and expand; while becoming operational as quickly as possible.

These are delivered with a high-level of personal support – Paul knows from experience the needs of clients operating internationally and the various issues a company can encounter when establishing themselves in the UK marketplace. They will often use the UK entity as a springboard for their European entrée.

With an extensive support network of international providers that Paul has built up over the years, clients, and potential UK in-bound start-ups will regularly approach him for UK and international expansion support, such as employing someone in Brussels, or establishing a bank account in India. He is often a first point of call – a term referred to, appropriately, as a Trusted Advisor.

Paul travels frequently to the USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Paul can regularly be found dedicating time to group-fitness and gym workouts.

He will never be far from a Nespresso machine. This is very important to Paul – he is a lover of coffee (Arpeggio to be precise!) and his machine has travelled far and worldwide.

Firm description

Paul and his team support the needs of overseas companies setting up, and operating in the UK. Every client comes with different needs and is treated on an individual basis. One element is overriding among every client – they all need support and expert guidance on setting up and operating in the UK. 

Paul has been heavily involved in IR for four years. Paul commented:

We use IR Global as a support network for our clients when they are using their UK Company to expand further. Clients will use this as a foundation for further expansion into Europe and beyond. We have frequently reached out to counterpart members to support our client’s growth plans”.

Whether you, or your clients are deciding between a UK branch or a UK subsidiary (the two main options) we have particular expertise in this specialised field of helping overseas companies expand into the UK.  

Areas of specialism

  • Company Formation / Registration
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Taxation including bespoke tax planning
  • Registered office and Representation facility
  • Company Secretarial
  • Statutory accounts, bookkeeping and management accounting
  • Managing bank accounts, bank signatory
  • Delivering HR support specifically to overseas parent companies
  • Payroll & Benefits administration, Payroll taxes, forms P11d

Alternatively, if you are an established business you may wish to take advantage of particular areas of our services such as our accounting support or our payroll & benefits services, thus relieving the burden of providing these services in house, naturally reducing costs and freeing up valuable time to concentrate on running your business.

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