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Nicolas Flachet von Campe is French and he is an Avocat at the Paris Bar and a successively lecturing assistant in Bucharest, Cairo and at the University of Surrey in international trade law.

 He took part in the supervision of parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan and appeared in Paris for the OSCE.

 Member of the Academic Council on the United Nations System.

 Sole practitioner in a Firm of 15 multidisciplinary Avocats in Paris.


 Avocat at the Paris Bar (Partner with RSDA Law Firm)

Legal areas

- My practice mainly involves assisting foreign Lawyers from the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Middle East, Asia and Indonesia in relation to legal issues arising from international transactions and corporate matters

- Company Law, International Taxation, Estate Planning, Air Law and Contract Law

- Civil Litigation involving international matters

- My advocacy consists of various sorts of French interlocutory proceedings such as mareva injunctions and other related orders with extensive appearances in Court (Civil & Criminal) in France


l Employment

-           Since July 2017 :                                   Member ofGlobal IR

-           July 2007 - July 2017 :                          Partner with RSDA Law Firm

-           January 2003 - July 2007 :                     Sole Practitioner in Paris

-           September 2002 - December 2002 :         Senior Assistant Oppenheimer-Wolff-Donnelly - Paris

-           June 1996 - June 2002 :                         Senior Assistant Weissberg-Gaetjens-Ziegenfeuter - Paris

-           October 1995 - May 1996 :                    Assistant McNicholas-Lefevre - Paris

Solicitors - Avocats

 -           1994 - 1995 :                                        Assistant - Foreign Trainee Weissberg-Gaetjens-Ziegenfeuter - Paris Reynolds-Porter-Chamberlain – London


 -           1991 - 1994 :                                        Trainee Avocat - Assistant Weissberg-Gaetjens-Ziegenfeuter - Paris


-           1990 - 1991 :                                        Trainee Student Lette & Partners - Paris



University of Westminster - UK

-           2013 :                                                   Lecturing Assistant Introduction to French Constitutional Law

- 2nd year LL.B. Students

University of Surrey - UK

-           Since 2007 – 2010 :                               Lecturing Assistant Introduction to French Civil Law

- 2nd year LL.B. Students


 Franco-Romanian College for Legal European Studies - Bucarest

-           2006 - 2013 :                                        Lecturing Assistant French Distribution Law

- 5th year Postgraduate Students


 Ministry of Education in France “Comité du 3ème millénaire” - Paris Bar Society

-           Since 2003 :                                          Lecturing Assistant Introduction to Civil Law

- High School Students


Institut de Droit des Affaires Internationales - University of Cairo

-           Since 2003 :                                          Lecturing Assistant in French Commercial Law

-  2nd year Undergraduate Students

 University Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris 1

 2000 - 2003 :                                        Lecturing Assistant in Civil Law

1st year degree

Head of Tutors

 Topics taught :

-        Introduction - Legal Methods

-        Sources of Law

-        Organisation of the Law

-        Court System

-        Evidence Law

-        Legal Personality


University College London

 -           1997 - 2001 :                                        Lecturing Assistant – LL.B. - LL.M.

Topics taught :

-        Introduction to French Civil Law

-        French Administrative Law

-        French Succession Law

University of Miami

 -           Since 2000 :                                          Organisation of an annual Seminar for US Lawyers in Paris


      1995 :   L.L.M. - University College London (EU Law - Law of International Finance - Company Law – Principles of Civil Litigation)

      1989 :   French Law Degree (“Maîtrise”) specialised in International Trade Law and Civil Law at the University of Paris V and the University College London (Visiting Foreign Student for half a year as part of the L.L.B. programme)

      1985 :   French Baccalauréat specialised in Economics



  French, native language

  English, fluent

  Spanish, basic

Firm Description

The firm was created in 2008 to bring together lawyers from business law firms, specialized structures and / or with an international vocation.

Welded by complementary professional links and friendship, they knew how to develop the Cabinet without losing their individuality.

The result is a quality of services and an ability to provide a broad and coherent package of services.

Firm values

Close cooperation with the Client, direct and personal involvement of the attending lawyer, maximum availability, total cost transparency and control and immediate responsiveness are the philosophy of the firm.