Mr. Kuhn practices in the areas of commercial, corporate, employment, and business immigration law, with a strong emphasis on international matters. He represents U.S. companies engaged in projects in the U.S. and abroad as well as European companies with business interests in the U.S.

Mr. Kuhn’s experience includes counseling corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies on legal matters arising under both U.S. and International law. Having practiced in both the U.S. and Germany, Mr. Kuhn has unique expertise particularly in assisting European clients in understanding and complying with the laws of those jurisdictions by explaining applicable legal requirements in terms that are understandable. He has assisted European management in establishing investment and inbound immigration projects in the U.S. and other jurisdictions. In this capacity, he has assisted non-U.S. employers with decisions relating to hiring, firing, promotion, compensation, discipline, discharge, layoff, handbooks, employment contracts, employee leasing agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements as well as other terms and conditions of employment. Mr. Kuhn’s education and previous experience are also useful in counseling U.S. clients seeking to establish operations in Europe and elsewhere with respect to applicable labor and employment laws, as well as other pertinent legal requirements.

Mr. Kuhn has represented a variety of emerging technology companies including biotech, high-tech manufacturing, software and microelectronics. He has also worked for the multi-national corporations Hewlett-Packard and Upjohn. Additionally, he has gained in-depth knowledge of legal as well as non-legal business issues (i.e., human resources, marketing, sales, cultural issues) that are necessary to understand the specific needs of clients doing business abroad, enabling him to find cost-effective business solutions based on practical experience.

Mr. Kuhn is an active member of the German American Law Association; he currently serves as chair of the German American Business Association in Richmond and is former Chair of the Board of the International Practice Section of the Virginia Bar. Mr. Kuhn regularly speaks on international, commercial and employment law matters before business, student and bar groups, and has published numerous articles on U.S. business, employment and immigration law issues.