Matilde Carvalho e Campos

Partner Areagest

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  • Portugal

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  • Business Advisory Services
Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa, Estrada do Paço do Lumiar Edifícios CID e 3
Lisbon 1600-546 Lisboa Portugal

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Matilde Carvalho e Campos is an Economist, Certified Public Accountant and Partner of Areagest Serviços Gestão. She is also a financial and management consultant, with expertise in applications for public grants. She is the author of technical books on tax, management, and accounting.

Firm Description

We were born in 1982, in Lisbon. Thirty years later we have four locations in Portugal and one in Madrid.

We are an organization specialized in supporting companies in the areas of administrative and financial outsourcing, accounting, taxation, human resources, management consulting and applications for community incentives.

We are dedicated in providing services to any type of organization, private or public, regardless of their size or sector of activity and aim to fully meet their needs and expectations. Areagest has an implemented and certified Quality Management System based on ISO 9001.

We aim to be a reference company in our activity sector, providing quality services, performed by experienced professionals and with specific training in the various areas of operation, aiming to add value to our Clients businesses.