Martin Linnemann Larsen

Managing Partner Zenith Advisory

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  • Denmark

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions
Bredgade 76B Havehuset 1.floor
Copenhagen 1260 Denmark

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M.Sc. AEF (Finance and Corporate Strategy) from Copenhagen Business School & executive courses at Insead

Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Department of finance

15+ years within investment banking and private equity

 Previous Experience

- Private equity - Investment Director at C.W. Obel

- Investment Banking - Danske Bank, Glitnir & Clearwater International

Firm Description

The vision for Zenith Advisory is to create a corporate finance advisory firm that capitalizes on a broader set of experiences.

Our senior team do not only have expertise from capital markets, investment banking (M&A) and private equity but also strong industry knowledge from board work and consulting, which makes Zenith Advisory capable of delivering the best possible solutions to our clients. The diversity in backgrounds give us several layers of inroads into companies, so that we can prepare and analyze situations from different perspectives.

Zenith Advisory has an international focus and the business is today represented in Denmark, China, USA, Poland and with partnerships that covers all of Europe.

At Zenith Advisory we are ambitions and dedicated individuals with extensive experience and networks from a variety of sectors internationally. We are an involving partner driven by a mission of succeeding with our clients. If you are looking for a passionate strategic and financial partner with a proven track record – do not hesitate to contact us.


The senior team at Zenith Advisory has completed more than 100 transactions.

We have a wealth of experience within international M&A transactions through our unique global network.

Our services within M&A includes a holistic support in the entire M&A process from sales-maturing, process preparation, due diligence, negotiation and everything in between.

The senior team has obtained broad experience from various corporate finance houses, investment banks and legal 500 law firms.

Investment Projects

We help companies from all stages in accelerating their businesses. Through strategic and financial support, we prepare the companies for new investors.

Based on the strategic goals of the client we help define the optimal capital structure and identifies the most relevant financial instruments available whether it is from private, institutional or industrial investors.

We take an active role in preparing all data and equity story for the potential investors, thus ensures that all required information is presented.