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9 Filellinon Street, 1st floor 185 36 Piraeus, Greece
Athens Greece

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Manolis Eglezos is an attorney at law since 1990.

He is brought up in Piraeus and his family originates from Asia Minor and Crete. Manolis finished Ionideios high school, a distinct public school of Piraeus, and got his LLB from Athens University in 1988. He did his training with Deverakis law office and continued there when he qualified as a lawyer until 1997, with an interval in 1991-92, when he obtained an LLM degree in Maritime Law from Cardiff University. In 2006-08 he obtained an MSc degree in Business for Lawyers from Alba graduate business school in Athens. Since the 90s he gives lectures on Maritime Law and other fields of his specialization in various educational organizations and in the Piraeus Bar seminars for trainees.

Having gained substantial experience in the fields of Maritime, Commercial and Banking law, he opened in 1997 his own office specializing in the above areas of law. In 2014, the practice became a law firm under the name MANOLIS EGLEZOS AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM.

Following GDPR entering into free, Manolis assists companies in complying and also acts as DPO.

He consults in Greek, English and Spanish.

He strongly believes that a lawyer, like everybody else, needs to be an active member of society. This allows the lawyer to broaden his perspective and receive inspiration, thus avoiding to become a one-sided professional who has no connection with the world out there, while experience gained can be creatively applied in the hard work of a legal consultant.

Manolis is also a producer of organic avocado, olive oil and herbs in Crete, to the extent heavy working hours allow it, usually weekends. He also believes that local traditions are vital in a globalized environment and that if they are adapted to today’s challenges, they can offer substantial assistance both locally and, through the dialogue of the different localities, worldwide; of course, traditional values of sincerity, solidarity, cooperation, well-made work, can be applied in the legal profession.

Manolis expresses his views, both legal and social, in the media (TV, radio, press).

His motto is that nothing is impossible. In that sense, he exhausts all available alternatives to serve clients’ goals. Efficiency, immediate reactions, founded replies, are the pillars of his work, which he also shares with his colleagues in the Firm.

He likes travelling, and thanks to his job he has made several trips in three continents. He practices Chinese martial arts and is also enthusiastic in Greek and Latin American music and dances.

Manolis is married to Theoni and they have four sons. Contributing to their character building is perhaps his most difficult challenge.


El despacho /Manolis Eglesos y asociados/ con sede en Pireo (Grecia), esta especializado en derecho maritimo, comercial y bancario con los siguientes sectores basicos de trabajo:

Maritimo: compraventa y financiacion de navios, abanderamientos, fletamentos, conocimientos de embarque, reclamas de derecho maritimo, salvamento maritimo, conflictos, confiscaciones, asuntos laborales, arbitraje y seguros maritimos, P+I.

Bancario: financiacion, legalizacion, coberturas e hipotecas, cartas de credito contingente, creditos garantizados, arrendamiento financiero y cobro de creditos.

Comercial: Constitucion de empresas con sede en Grecia o offshore, asuntos de hacienda, registro de propiedad intelectual, transacciones a nivel nacional e internacional, expedicion de licencias, acciones, proteccion corporativa, franquicias, fusiones y bancarrotas (bankarrotas, art. 99).

El despacho ofrece consejo en griego, ingles y castellano.

Representa bancos, empresas maritimas, comerciales griegas y extranjeras.

Asimismo asesora en asuntos legales a la Camara gremial de Artesanos de Pireo. El despacho tambien se ocupa de la columna legal de la revista maritima ¨Newsfront¨ y el jefe del despacho imparte clases de derecho maritimo.

Firm Description

MANOLIS EGLEZOS AND ASSOCIATES is a law firm of Piraeus, specializing in Maritime, Banking and Commercial law with following main course of business: SHIPPING: Ship Sale and Purchase/ Finance/ Registration - Charterparties and Bills of Lading - Maritime claims - Salvage - Collisions - Arrest - Labour - Arbitration - Marine Insurance - P&I.

AVIATION: S&P/ Registration/ Finance wet & dry lease agreements, involving both airplanes and helicopters.

BANKING: Shipping and Commercial finance - Legalisation - Securities - Mortgages - Letters of Guarantee - Documentary Credit - Leasing - Claims Collection.

COMMERCIAL: Incorporation of both local and off-shore corporations - Tax planning - Copyrights - Transactions, both local and international - Corporate Veil - Franchising - Mergers - bankruptcy procedure, art. 99.

Main Languages: Greek, English, Spanish.

The Firm represents Banks, maritime and commercial local and international Corporations, and are also legal counsels of Piraeus Chamber of small and medium sized corporations. The world’s biggest tourist organization and major Maritime Groups are within our clients.

Manolis Eglezos and Associates Law Firm hold the legal column in NEWSFRONT maritime review. The managing partner is also a lecture of Maritime Law Courses.

Our philosophy combines a traditional attitude of a well-made service using the high-tech potentials offered in a globalised world in order to offer a proficient, immediate and cost-effective service meeting the needs of each specific client. We fully understand the necessity of the entrepreneur for reliable legal advice within narrow time limits and are dedicated to offer such assistance.

We are not merely confined to the analysis of the legal parameters of a case, but aim to achieve the commercial goals of the client taking into account the existing difficulties and offer the solution meeting their needs. To achieve this, we have to combine a thorough knowledge of the regulations involved along with a high degree of flexibility and imagination, thus serving in the best way the specific issues.

A network of affiliated offices in Greece and abroad, allows us to cater for the global needs of the corporations entrusting to us their legal representation.

Greek, English and Spanish are the languages used in the Firm, allowing us to offer services to more than half of the globe in their native tongue.

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