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Luis is the founder and managing director of InfoCapital and CX Pay; providing diversified advisory services related to international business solutions and transaction services. InfoCapital & CX Pay serve a wide range of clientele ranging from corporate to small business owners and from merchants to institutional investors. We are a multidisciplinary professional service provider of financial, (Tax) compliance, fund services and other corporate and (International) financial services, including e-payment solutions. 

Since 2010 Luis has completed several management assignments primarily in the financial sector. In almost all cases the institutions were in a startup or incorporation stage, which required the operational structures of the organizations to be architected, coordinated and executed. The scope of work also included the licensing process of the institutions with the related compliance and enactment of the regulatory processes. Luis also contributed with substantiating the marketing and sales strategy of the organizations through his extensive international network. 

Luis has built significant expertise and experience in e-commerce and e-payments advising clients on payments and transactional structures, while providing merchants with (online) payment solutions through the CX Pay platform. 

On an executive level, Luis is a board member of Travelsure Insurance Company and Manrique Capriles International as well as the former chairman of the board of Curacao Investment & Export Development Foundation (CINEX) and is active as board member of charitable organizations like the Curacao Athletic Scholarship Foundation and the Sea Turtles Conservation Curacao. Luis has extensive experience in the international financial sector, having occupied the positions of Interim Managing Director of the Curacao Development Institute (CDI), Managing Director of the South American International Bank (SAIB), CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) and Managing Director of Earlybird Funding (EBF). 

Furthermore, Luis was a board member of the International Bankers Association (IBA), the Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) and is the former chairman of the Supervisory Board of AMFO and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) as well as former board member of the Algemene Rekenkamer Curacao (Curacao Court of Audit).

Prior to his current position, he held several positions with First Caribbean International Bank, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank Private Client Services, MeesPierson and Rabobank International in New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Curaçao. 

Luis holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship & Management and a B.S.B.A. degree in International Business in Finance from the American University in Washington, D.C. Luis is proficient in Dutch, English, Spanish, in addition to Papiamentu.

Firm Description

InfoCapital is a diversified provider of advisory services related to international business solutions and transaction services. With its operations in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean our company is well positioned to serve clients in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. InfoCapital serves a wide range of clientele ranging from corporate to small business owners and from institutional to individual investors. Our expertise and solutions are found primarily in the areas of Fiduciary Services, International Payment, Merchant Payment Platform, Trade & Transaction Management, e-Commerce solutions, Financial Advisory and Project Management. 

InfoCapital has a wide variety of local and international clients and cross-border management and transaction experience. Fully committed and dedicated to its clients, the firm provides top-level independent advice and operational support to develop durable and sustainable relationships.

We use our local and international network and expertise to support organizations through innovation and new product development and help gain market access to help turn new ideas into business opportunities. As an International Referral member firm we have access to the world’s leading advisory firms.


Advisory & Management Services

InfoCapital promotes international business by providing services that allow companies and individuals to overcome regulatory, financial and organizational constraints and other barriers to starting and growing successful international businesses. The company delivers high added value financial solutions for complex business and investment matters. We are recognized as a reliable strategic partner that combines the experience and ambition of an international consultancy firm to act as a trusted partner and achieve results above and beyond our clients’ expectations.


Management Support Services

Having held senior and management positions including board memberships for more than 15 years, InfoCapital can provide management support by assuming execute positions in organizations that are looking for an interim-management solution or a seat on their advisory or supervisory board. InfoCapital has an extensive network in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States. It offers Management and Advisory services to organizations by assisting them in the setup of local operations and connecting with partners, prospects, government officials and other relevant parties on the island of Curacao.

Financial Services

InfoCapital offers a broad range of professional financial products and business solutions that includes online banking, multicurrency accounts, SWIFT global payment services, credit cards and escrow services. Through our affiliation with international banks and leading international payment service providers we help provide sustainable alternative solutions for USD correspondent banking services that provide cost saving benefits to clients worldwide and ensure continuity of the company’s service to its clients. 

Fiduciary Services

​Through its partnership with Xecutive Corporate Management (XCM), InfoCapital can provide a full range of fiduciary services to Corporate and Private Clients. XCM is an independent and privately owned Fiduciary Services Provider headquartered in Willemstad, Curacao offering a broad range of international tax compliant structure formation and trustee services including local directorships, domiciliation, administrative and other related services.

Our suite of services consists of Corporate Services, Private Client, Merchant Payment Platform and Trade & Transaction Management. Tax and legal advisory services are rendered in cooperation with professional firms located strategically in various jurisdictions.

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Exchange Listing Services

DCSX has created a Listing Advisor status for reputable Listing Advisor firms to assist and sponsor the issuer in the listing procedure. The Listing Advisor acts as coordinator between the issuer and the exchange at all times. Any company or fund that seeks to list on DCSX must have a Listing advisor, both in the process of the listing and throughout its life as a listed entity. The Listing Advisor will be accountable for the correctness of information and ensures that an issuer fulfils its transparency requirements. InfoCapital is a licensed Listing Adviser (LAD) by the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) and provides listing services to companies looking to list their funds or shares on the DCSX. InfoCapital coordinates and manages the entire listing process (including pre- and post-listing process of securities on the DCSX) according to the rules and regulations of the DCSX. For more information visit:


International Trading Services

Through its partnership with Pacific Atlantic Trade Corp (PATCO), InfoCapital can provide a full range of global trading, procurement and securitization support services. Through our solid global relationships, we provide our expanding network of international customers with an array of products and services that include Physical Commodity Trading services and Payment platform services.

PATCO provides its clients with the most appropriate and modern trading solutions available on the market. Executed and coordinated to include all crucial services to achieve a convenient and successful international trade from reputable jurisdictions across the globe.

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E-Commerce Solutions

InfoCapital provides fast and reliable e-Commerce offshore merchant services through the CX-Pay payment platform. The company offers specialized services and expertise in online payments, also known as e-commerce transactions, between a website (merchant), cardholder and the acquirer. InfoCapital provides e-Commerce merchants with top notch financial services within the (Dutch) Caribbean and Latin American markets. We maintain the role of intermediary partner between the Payment Service Provider (and its e-Commerce merchants) and the acquiring bank for the opening of a merchant settlement account with an acquiring bank in the Dutch Caribbean or alternative jurisdiction.

At InfoCapital, we provide consultancy services designed to resolve organizational performance challenges and support business development. Through our extensive professional network we are able to help optimize business performance, improve customer satisfaction and maximize return on investment. Our corporate services can be taken as high-level retainer consulting, project-based consulting, management assignments as well as fiduciary services.

The company’s main focus is as a financial services provider to local and international clients combining local knowledge with extensive international experience. InfoCapital has done assignments such as the management of the Curacao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) and the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX). InfoCapital currently provides management services to South American International Bank (SAIB) and fulfills executive board positions as well as fiduciary roles for local and international firms.

We look forward to discuss with you how InfoCapital can add value to your organization.