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  • Commercial Law
Wilhelminasingel 86 6221 BL
Maastricht Netherlands

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Lotte Oostdam (1990) is with respect to age one of the youngest attorneys at Wolfs Advocaten. However, that does not mean that she does not have extensive experience. Before joining Wolfs Advocaten nearly four years ago Lotte worked for a Supreme Court-cassation attorney in Nijmegen after spending six months studying abroad in Rome and graduating with a civil law Master’s degree from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Lotte is analytical, driven, fast and results-focussed.

Lotte works in the civil litigation practice, covering a number of legal areas, like commercial law, international trade law, insurance law, transport law and customs law. Lotte is not daunted when dealing with major cases and is only satisfied when she – or more specifically, the client – has achieved the desired result.

Firm Description

With offices in Maastricht, Roermond and Venlo, Wolfs Advocaten specialises in legal solutions for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and abroad. Wolfs Advocaten is a so-called full-service firm, where all areas of (civil) law are covered. The firm is mainly specialised in the field of (international) transport law, business law, international commercial law, customs law and insurance law.

Wolfs Advocaten now consists of a young, dynamic team of around 20 attorneys, lawyers and support staff. Wolfs Advocaten employs true team players, who make efficient and optimum use of each other’s expertise. You know and will otherwise find that we are business-like, realistic, effective and accessible, as well as being very expert in ‘our’ legal areas.

Our clients often choose to enter into a long-term business relationship with our firm. Many of our clients are logistic, industrial and trading companies, as well as insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, foreign lawyers, housing corporations and care providers who value the services provided by Wolfs Advocaten.


Our philosophy is that law is a tool that primarily has to be used effectively and practically and only serves one purpose: unhindered continuation of your business activities. At Wolfs Advocaten we believe that there should be law and justice for all entrepreneurs.