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Mr. Files is the head of an international investigative firm specializing in asset recovery, due diligence, anti money laundering and intellectual property matters. Prior to this Mr. Files was a partner in a regional consulting firm specializing in business, financial and securities consulting and served as the Director of Corporate Finance for an investment banking company. 

Mr. Files is the Practice Section leader on due diligence, asset recovery and intellectual property investigations.  As a financial industry insider he is keenly aware of the type, and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions. Mr. Files has been the case manager on fraud investigations ranging from ten of thousands of dollars to over $20 billion.   Mr. Files is an international expert on due diligence and is regularly sought out for those cases that bedevil the desktop practioners. Using both conventional and unconventional techniques he works with counsel and clients unraveling the money trail finding assets for recovery. The practice section for all companies understanding the future is Intellectual Property and Critical Information or IPCI.  Mr. Files has been at the forefront of both understanding the new currency of IPCI and investigating and dealing with infringers. 

Mr. Files is a published author of five books, in particular “Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, 2nd edition 2010″ winner of two book awards, and “Money and Budgets. He is also the author of several studies and white papers, and numerous articles. He has been quoted in many publications both domestic and international.  A reasonably complete collection of these quotes, appearances and articles written can be found at: Files is highly sought out international speaker on these subject matters. 

Mr. Files is currently serving as the President of the International Due Diligence Organization as well as The American Anti-Corruption Institute.

Firm Description

Financial Examinations and Evaluations, Inc. is a specialized financial investigative firm that is uniquely qualified to bring clarity to the complexities of financial investigations for Due Diligence, Intellectual Property, or Asset Recovery. 

State-Of-The-Art Capabilities – In essence, FE&E, Inc. provides sophisticated global research and analysis that entails utilizing not only the most current technologies, but also the extensive broad breadth of experience of the principals and associates. If you require an Enhanced Due Diligence on a subject or a company, we do these reports and have covered people and companies in over 90 countries. 

FE&E, Inc. has experts in computer forensics, complex financial transactions, corporate security, communications networks, and asset location. 

FE&E, Inc. is committed to providing effective solutions to complex financial matters, with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We partner with our clients, both domestically and internationally, to not only identify existing issues in Risk and Compliance programs, but also to provide effective, value-oriented solutions to those problems. 

Because our team is experienced in a number of compliance, as well as risk management and investigative disciplines, we’re able to achieve clients’ goals with unparalleled levels of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Areas of effectiveness include:

  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Compliance Testing
  • International Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence
  • International Financial Investigations
  • Asset Identification and Location
  • Identification, Valuation, and Protection of Intellectual Property and Critical Information
  • Training 
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Program Development

Our goal is to provide superior consulting and investigative services to our clients through integrated ethics and compliance processes and solutions. We want to enable client organizations to both establish and maintain an elevated culture of awareness in order to prevent, detect, and resolve issues of business misconduct, noncompliance, or other deceptive actions. 

Why We’re Different 

Many firms have experienced consultants that understand the mechanics of the problems faced by various sectors within financial and business communities. However, possessing the skills to not only understand the problem, but also to identify and creatively design and implement effective solution to the problem is not easily accomplished. This requires the experience of senior-level practice managers who have the in-field experience, intuition and understanding to make a difference. Because of this, we use only experienced senior people: We do not use interns, trainees, or recent MBAs. This has proven to be cost-effective for our clients, because the work gets done faster, and done right! 

FE&E, Inc. sees more cases involving international due diligence, financial fraud, money laundering, and related issues in a month than most firms see in a year. Because of this, FE&E, Inc. is particularly well equipped to help you address your needs beyond the scope of a simple investigation of the problem. If you want experts in white collar crime, Bank Secrecy matters, due diligence and financial investigations, protection of your intellectual property and critical information assets, or reducing risks to your key personnel, their families and staff in the high-threat environments, then you have come to the right place, the experienced practice members of FE&E, Inc.