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Javier Canosa

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  • Argentina

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  • Corporate Law
Suipacha 1380 3° floor
Buenos Aires C1011ACD Argentina

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Javier is a committee member for the Latin American Forum 2019

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Javier Canosa is a partner at Canosa Abogados. Javier’s practice focuses in corporate law issues, tax issues and banking issues, advising both national and foreign companies, and families and HNWI in various corporate matters, including investment vehicles, corporate management, directors’ and trustees’ duties and responsibilities, audits, risk detection and distribution, documents, policies and corporate contracts, together with the design and implementation of a suitable corporate structure for each business. Javier has vast experience in mergers and acquisition and the negotiation of commercial agreements. He has represented and advised several companies, including financial institutions, in corporate M&A, business development and real estate undertakings. Javier is experienced in claims before local and international arbitral courts.

In addition, he is officer of the International Bar Association (IBA), American Bar Association (ABA) and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is regularly engaged in conferences of issues of related to his practice of those institutions.

Javier also collaborates with the World Bank and International Finance Corporation with their Doing Business report and has been engaged for speaking in World Bank, STEP, IBA, ABA conferences on issues related to his practice.

Javier advises many wealthy families in connection with the management, taxation and transfer of their assets, as shareholders, partners, and founders and beneficiaries of foundations and trusts. He has practiced in the area of cross-border tax, estates, and family disputes for more than 15 years.

Programs Attended by Javier Canosa

  • IBA Latin American Regional Forum – Sao Paulo - March 2006.  “Jack Batievsky Scholar”. Javier presented the paper on “How Should Lawyers Protect and Encourage Investments in Challenging Environments?”

  • IBA Annual Conference – Chicago 2006.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Singapore 2007.  Scholar.

  • IBA First Conference of the Americas – Mexico City- March 2008.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Buenos Aires -September 2008.  Officer of the International Sales Committee.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Madrid – October 2009.  Speaker on session of the International Sales Committee.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Vancouver - September 2010.

  • World Bank Conference – Rio de Janeiro – March 2011. Speaker on Guarantees under Argentine Law.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Dubai – October 2011. Speaker on the panel “What’s New in Vienna? Some Views on UNCITRAL Reforms” presented by the Insolvency Section of the IBA.

  • ABA Section of International Law – New York – April 2012.

  • Academy & Finance – Geneva June 2012 – Speaker “Structures for Argentine Clients”.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Dublin – October 2012. Speaker on the “Hot Topics” panel.

  • STEP Latam Conference – Panama - September 2012. Speaker.

  • ABA Section of International Law – Miami – October 2012.

  • Legal Week Private Client Forum of the Americas – The Boulders Colorado- February 2013. Speaker.

  • Academy & Finance – Geneva June 2013 – Speaker “Structures for Argentine Clients”.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Boston – October 2013. Speaker on the panel “Financing international sales: alternative financing arrangements beyond the letter of credit”.

  • STEP Latam Conference – Montevideo – October 2013. Steering Committee and Speaker.

  • ABA Section of International Law – London – October 2013.

  • Legal Week Private Client Forum of the Americas – Sonoma Desert - February 2014. Steering Committee member and Speaker “Limitless: Exchanging information on an uneven playing field”.

  • ABA Section of International Law – New York – April 2014.

  • STEP Latam Conference – Mexico City- September 2014. Steering Committee member and Speaker.

  • International Referral Conference – London - September 2014.

  • International Forum of Wealth Disputes – Versailles – October 2014.

  • ABA Section of International Law – Buenos Aires– October 2014.

  • Legal Week Private Client Forum of the Americas – Costa Rica - February 2015. Chair and Speaker.

  • International Referral Conference – London – September 2015.

  • IBA Annual Conference – Vienna– October 2015. Speaker on the panel “Bargaining with the State”.

  • International Forum of Wealth Disputes – Chewton Glen – October 2015.

  • STEP Latam Conference – Sao Paulo- October 2015. Steering Committee member and Speaker.

  • Legal Week Private Client Forum of the Americas – Bermuda - February 2016. Advisory board and Speaker.

  • IBA Special Course to Cuban Lawyers - La Habana - Cuba- February 2016.


Professional Association Activities, Honors and Awards:

  • IBA Jack Batievsky Scholar 2006.

  • IBA Scholar 2007.

  • Who´s Who: Real Estate 2007-2015.

  • Who’s Who Legal: Merger & Acquisition 2016.

  • Who’s Who Legal: Corporate Governance 2016

  • IBA Officer 2007 (currently Secretary of the International Sales Committee).

  • ABA officer 2008 (currently Vice Chair of Latin American Committee and Chair of Programs of the International Tax Committee).

  • Board Member of STEP´s  International Private Client Special Interest Group.

  • Advisory Board to the Government of the British Virgin Islands

  • Board Member to STEP Latin American Conference.

  • Vice Chair of the International Sales Committee of the IBA (2016).

  • Academician of  of the International Academy of Trust and Estate Lawyers.

  • Member of the board and steering committee of numerous foundations and public policy entities.      



Javier Canosa se graduó de abogado en la Universidad de Buenos Aires y realizó un Master de Leyes en Derecho Comercial Internacional (LL.M.) en la Amsterdam Law School de la Universiteit van Amsterdam, donde ha tenido la oportunidad de estudiar leyes y regulaciones de competencia de Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea, leyes de la Organización Mundial del Comercio, leyes sobre el comercio internacional en la Unión Europa, políticas monetarias y de inversión, y derecho público y privado en el derecho comercial internacional. Javier concentra su práctica en cuestiones de derecho corporativo y bancario, asesorando a diversas empresas nacionales y extranjeras en diversos asuntos corporativos, incluidos los vehículos de inversión, gestión empresarial, los deberes y responsabilidades de los directores, auditorías, detección y distribución de riesgos, documentos, políticas y contratos corporativos, y el diseño e implementación de una forma adecuada para cada negocio empresarial. Javier ha asistido como orador y como participante a numerosas conferencias y congresos, tanto en la Argentina como en el exterior. Javier tiene amplia experiencia en fusiones y adquisiciones, y en la negociación de acuerdos comerciales. Javier ha representado y asesorado a varias empresas, incluidas instituciones financieras, empresas en M&A de desarrollo de negocios y empresas de bienes raíces. Asimismo, Javier posee experiencia en reclamos ante tribunales arbitrales nacionales e internacionales. Javier es docente de Derecho de los Negocios Internacionales en la Universidad de Buenos Aires desde el año 2003 y ha publicado numerosos artículos en revistas de doctrina nacionales y extranjeras.

Javier habla español e inglés fluidamente y tiene un buen conocimiento de portugués, alemán, italiano y francés.

Firm Description

Canosa Abogados is a young law firm organized by lawyers who have consistently succeeded in every area of business law in Argentina for more than fifteen years. We advice our clients in the process of drafting and negotiating modern commercial agreements, and we provide advice to both local and international companies in connection with the development of their activities in Argentina.

Our lawyers provide advice that is timely efficient, practical and usable. We are well known for our credibility, reliability and flexibility that allow our clients to make decisions fast and efficiently.

Our advice in connection with foreign investment has been recognized many times for being expeditious in connection with the resolution of the relevant issues that come about in the development of the activities relevant to the foreign transactions.

We also provide advice on a daily basis to foreign clients in all kinds of complex real estate transactions, such as the purchase of real estate and all the related matters in connection with the regulations of the Argentine Central Bank and the notarial and corporate activities in connection with companies organized in foreign countries.

In addition, we have ample experience in intellectual property matters and we make all the filings before the relevant registration authorities of Argentina and Latin America in general.

Canosa Abogados es un estudio joven, formado por abogados que se han destacado en todas las ramas del derecho comercial en la Argentina desde hace más de quince años. Asesoramos a nuestros clientes en la redacción y negociación de contratos comerciales, así como a todo tipo de compañías nacionales y extranjeras, en todas las vicisitudes legales que ocurren en la Argentina. Nuestros abogados brindan asesoramiento es oportuno, breve y usable. Nos destacamos por nuestra confiabilidad, seriedad y flexibilidad, lo que permite que nuestros clientes puedan tomar sus decisiones de manera rápida y eficiente. Nuestro asesoramiento en materia de inversiones ha sido reconocido en diversas oportunidades por su celeridad en la resolución de las vicisitudes propias de todas las transacciones relativas a la inversión extranjera. Asimismo, asesoramos diariamente a clientes extranjeros en todo tipo de transacciones inmobiliarias complejas como la compra de inmuebles y nos encargamos de todas las cuestiones conexas relacionadas con regulaciones del Banco Central y de la actividad notarial y societaria vinculada con sociedades constituidas en el extranjero. Además, tenemos una amplia experiencia en cuestiones de propiedad intelectual. Realizamos trámites ante los organismos de inscripción de marcas y patentes en la Argentina y en Latinoamérica.