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Jarod M. Bona is a Harvard Law School graduate and former federal appellate clerk that practiced at DLA Piper and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher before starting his own law firm. He concentrates on the following five areas (1) antitrust and competition law; (2) appeals; (3) business litigation; (4) real-estate litigation and (5) challenges to government conduct.

Mr. Bona resides in the San Diego, California area, but is also licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Virginia, and has an international practice. Mr. Bona commonly works with local counsel for clients with matters in other jurisdictions. He is often brought into existing cases for his antitrust expertise.

Mr. Bona has represented global clients in a wide variety of antitrust and competition matters, including issues arising from intellectual property disputes or settlements, agreements among competitors (i.e. price fixing, market allocation, and group boycotts), exclusionary conduct (i.e. loyalty discounts, bundling, exclusive dealing), merger and acquisition transactions, resale-price maintenance programs, Noerr-Pennington, state-action immunity, labor-exemption, Robinson-Patman Act, McCarran-Ferguson Act, real estate, and government investigations. Mr. Bona has also developed global antitrust policies for international trade associations and corporations, and has advised standard-setting organizations on antitrust and competition issues.

Mr. Bona has also represented clients in many business litigation disputes, including, for example cases involving trade secrets and intellectual property, breach-of-contract, fraud and misrepresentation, tortious interference, malicious prosecution, RICO, unfair and deceptive trade practices, securities, procurement disputes, constitutional law, and other state and federal claims.

Mr. Bona won a bench trial, as first chair, for a client involving fraud claims and up to $2.5 Million at stake. In 2012, Mr. Bona played a substantial role in achieving summary judgment and a Federal Trade Commission dismissal with no action for his client in antitrust challenges to the client’s loyalty discount programs.

Mr. Bona also has substantial appellate experience. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Mr. Bona clerked for Judge James B. Loken in Minneapolis, Minnesota of the United States Federal Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. He then began his law-firm career with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s appellate and constitutional law practice in Washington, DC. Since then, he has maintained an active appellate practice, and has argued in both state and federal courts. He also recently filed amicus briefs on behalf of clients in the United States Supreme Court on antitrust issues.

Mr. Bona frequently publishes and speaks on antitrust and competition developments, and is the author of The Antitrust Attorney Blog. He is also a Non-Governmental Advisor for the Unilateral Conduct Working Group of the International Competition Network, which is an international body devoted exclusively to competition law enforcement with members representing national and multi-national competition authorities. As part of that role, Mr. Bona was an author of the Exclusive Dealing chapter of the group’s Unilateral Conduct Workbook for competition authorities, and debated the legality of loyalty discounts at a webinar to educate its members.

In 2010, his article, “The Diminishing Role of the Private Attorney General in Antitrust and Securities Class Action Cases Aided by the Supreme Court” was honored with the Burton Award for Legal Writing Achievement. The Burton Award is dedicated to the enrichment and refinement of writing in the legal profession and is presented by the Burton Foundation, a nonprofit cultural and academic organization devoted to promoting the legal profession. This article was also cited by Chief District Judge B. Lynn Winmill of the Federal District of Idaho in In re Micron Technology, Inc. Securities Litigation.


Firm Description

Bona Law PC is a boutique law firm that concentrates on antitrust and competition, appellate litigation, business litigation, and challenges to government conduct. Jarod M. Bona, a Harvard Law School graduate and former federal appellate clerk, created the firm after practicing law for a dozen years at two major international law firms.

We are located in the San Diego, California area, but our reach is national and international and we routinely work with local counsel in other jurisdictions, as we are often brought into significant matters for our expertise. Our attorneys are active bar members in California, Minnesota, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We have substantial experience in state and federal trial and appellate courts and can handle matters ranging from the most complex antitrust disputes spanning multiple jurisdictions to basic breach-of-contract disputes. We also counsel clients on both antitrust and business litigation issues. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

Jarod Bona formed Bona Law PC with a strong understanding that the legal market is undergoing structural changes. Clients are increasingly looking for outstanding attorneys with major matter experience, but are sophisticated enough to understand that firms with different cost structures than the largest law firms have the flexibility to run their matters more efficiently without losing any effectiveness. In that spirit, Bona Law PC is dedicated to partnering with its clients to create custom strategies that take advantage of available technologies, third-party discovery resources, and if necessary our extensive network of highly qualified, experienced, and well-credentialed attorneys. We can quickly scale up or down to meet your needs.

We are on the forefront of developing a better way to practice law. But our primary focus is to provide our clients with outstanding value through the highest level of advice and advocacy.