Hendrik van Duijn

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Zuidplein 36 (WTC Tower H), 1077 XV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam Netherlands

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Experience and education

In 2012 Hendrik started DTS as a tax adviser in Amsterdam. With over 10 years of experience Hendrik (1975) has a proven track record of delivering results when it comes to Dutch corporate income tax and Dutch dividend withholding tax advice.

In 1998 Hendrik received his Bachelor degree in accounting, making him at the age of 23 one of the youngest fully certified auditors in the Netherlands. In 2001 Hendrik received his Master degree in Dutch direct taxation at the University of Leiden. As from 2002 Hendrik is a member of the Dutch association of tax advisors in Amsterdam. In 2002 Hendrik joined BDO (Rotterdam) after which he joined PwC in 2006 also in Rotterdam. He worked in the Netherlands up to 2008, when he made his move to New York.


As a tax adviser in Amsterdam, Hendrik focuses on Dutch corporate income tax and Dutch dividend withholding tax. Cross-border investments and mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructuring have Hendrik's specific interest. During 2008 and 2009 Hendrik provided Dutch corporate income tax advice and Dutch dividend withholding tax advice to various US and Canadian multinationals which invested in or via the Netherlands. During the last couple of years Hendrik has provided Dutch corporate income tax and Dutch dividend withholding tax advice with a client base of US and Canadian multinational companies. Many of these companies set-up their business in Amsterdam. To be in the vicinity of his clients Hendrik therefore became a tax adviser in Amsterdam.

Firm Description

DTS is uncompromising in its commitment to legal excellence and client service in the field of Dutch corporate income tax. We are proud of the continuous recognition we received from our clients for our commitment to client satisfaction. We value their satisfaction as the best measure of our success.

DTS acknowledges its social responsibility and supports communities through community commitment, charitable giving and promoting diversity. We believe that we collectively and individually can make a positive difference in our community and in the workplace. When providing the best Dutch tax advice, we also take other factors such as corporate social responsibility into consideration. We believe that it is beneficial for our clients not only to know what is legally possible, but also what is ultimately desirable (fair) from a corporate perspective. This provides for a continued collaborative relationship with the Dutch tax authorities.

The Dutch tax advisors at Duijn’s Tax Solutions have been providing businesses and individuals with Dutch tax advice in The Netherlands for over 15 years. With our well-established network of tax consultant in The Netherlands and our Dutch tax expertise, we provide a broad range of Dutch tax consulting services. Through our international tax network of tax advisors, we are able to provide seamless cross border tax advice to over 100 countries. As international tax consultant, we combine our technical tax expertise with our accounting knowledge so that businesses and individuals doing business in the Netherlands receive the best Dutch tax advice possible. We focus on businesses and entrepreneurs with transboundary investments and international operations.